The Dragon Takes What's His(29)

By: Marcy Jacks

Which freaked Blaze out all the more.

How in the hell was he supposed to deal with being a parent to a kid that wasn’t willing to cry? Wasn’t that how babies communicated? Wasn’t that entirely how they told people what they wanted? What was wrong with them? Or that something was wrong with them?

How other parents dealt with this shit was beyond him. Babies were too fucking fragile as far as he was concerned, and he was never having another ever again. This was it. Fuck that.

Blaze stepped out. He left the door just slightly ajar. The room he’d set aside for her was still mostly filled with his spare gym equipment. He had to move all that shit out to make way for the rest of her stuff. The baby changing station and the rocker.

He hadn’t even been the one to put together the crib. Tim had done that for him, oddly enough, with Lightning’s help.

Lightning had never seemed as though he was into that sort of thing, but he’d followed the instructions and pieced together the crib with Tim until it was nice, solid, and safe.

He hoped.

Blaze headed down the hallway, back to his bedroom where the rest of the boxes were for his baby changing station, the rocking chair, the tiny dresser for her little clothes, as well as the boxes of diapers, formula, and other odds and ends.

They were piled up in the corner. The guys had offered to help him put it all together, but Blaze didn’t want too many people in the house knocking shit around right now.

The crib was enough for now, and if anyone wanted to come over and help out later, he was more than grateful for it.

Erin had even come over to make some bottles and do a little feeding and diaper changing.

Blaze got the feeling the man was practicing for when his own child came into the world.

Blaze went to the bed. He sat down, reached out, and let his hand slide up and down Zack’s leg.

The man was beneath the covers, his face pale, but he was as real as anything else in the world, and so long as Blaze could touch him, then he could relax.

Zack stirred, barely fluttered his eyes open, then brought his hand up to his face.


“Hey,” Blaze said, rubbing his hand up and down Zack’s leg a little more. Mostly to comfort himself.

“You thinking of getting up?”

Zack rubbed his face. “How long was I sleeping this time?”

“Just another twelve hours. You’re good. Don’t push it.” Blaze stood, pressing his hand to Zack’s shoulders.


“She’s okay. Sleeping. I just checked on her.”

That seemed to relax Zack. He settled back into his pillows. He was in and out of wakefulness ever since giving birth. His body remained weak for obvious reasons. It had been only three days since the incident on the road.

Blaze was still waiting for Zack to stay awake long enough so he could hold their daughter again, and maybe they could name her, too. That would be something fairly special.

“Do you need to go to the bathroom?”

Zack nodded, still rubbing at his puffy eyes.

Though his belly had been stitched, he was still so damned fragile. Zack could barely stay awake for more than three hours at a time, and when he was awake, he was always trying to use his healing magic on himself.

It meant he never had to worry too much about his guts falling out of himself, but it left him weaker than even this situation called for.

Blaze gently pulled away the blankets on top of him then eased his hands beneath Zack’s back and knees.

“Okay, one, two, three.” He lifted Zack into the air, pleased with the way he did it. Smooth and simple. He walked Zack to the bathroom, helping him onto the toilet.

“I’m sorry.”

Blaze shook his head. “Don’t you be sorry. This is nothing.”

And it was. Blaze helped pull down Zack’s pants and adjusted the man’s dick so he could let her fly.

Zack chuckled suddenly as he pissed.

“What?” Blaze asked.

“If you and I weren’t already mates, this would make us the best of bros.”

Blaze blinked, and then he laughed at that. “Yeah, I guess so. Only the best of friends help each other piss.”

Zack was half asleep by the time he finished. Blaze righted his pants, gently lifted him back up, and brought him back to bed.

“I’ve got more soup for you downstairs. You think you can sip on a cup of that, work on your healing?”

Zack nodded. “If I stay awake long enough, will you bring her here?”

“Of course.” Blaze rubbed his mate’s shoulder then practically rushed downstairs to get everything ready.

He’d had his One Pot going with chicken, beef, and lamb bones for a couple of hours now. He fucking loved that thing. Especially now. It took him two hours to make bone broth instead of forty-eight. His mate needed nutrients, and Blaze was damn well going to provide them.