The Dragon Takes What's His(28)

By: Marcy Jacks

Blaze came back quickly with the bear. Zack held it tight enough that, had it been a living thing, he would have killed it. Blaze removed his belt and shoved it into Zack’s mouth, giving him something to bite on.

He looked around. The road was still utterly dead. It was practically a back road, so it made sense, but eventually someone would come along. They could call for some sort of help eventually.


Until then, everything had to be done right here. There wasn't the time to wait.

And Zack looked at him with such fearful eyes, as though he knew this, too.

Blaze stared back. Within them he saw everything. He saw the shy, hopeful expression on Zack’s face as they met at the bar. They didn’t go into the bathroom right away where Blaze could fuck him.

No. Blaze had thought he would have, why not? But that wasn’t how it was. Zack had sat next to him, and they’d talked for hours before Blaze made his move.

Zack had looked and smelled so good that day, and as Zack had spoken to him, the pair of them bonding over stupid and inconsequential shit like the weather and their favorite movies and sports teams, Blaze had known.

His life would never be the same. He had to have this man because this was going to be the rest of his life.

He remembered. That was why he’d given himself to Zack during their second time. It was why he’d purchased the roses, the wine, the nicer motel room. He’d wanted to make up for that first time in a dingy bathroom. He’d also wanted to give himself to the man who he planned to make his mate. It was only fair.

He loved Zack, after all. More than anything else in the world, he loved him.

“All right. Here we go,” Sebby said, and the man grimaced as he let his finger slide across the lower swell of Zack’s belly.

Zack screamed through the belt, and Blaze held on to Zack’s hand for dear life as Sebby’s hands became covered in Zack’s blood.

Chapter Twelve

Zack didn’t remember much after that. He remembered the pain. He stayed awake through a lot of it, which kind of impressed him now that he thought about it, but he couldn’t recall much. The pain seemed so far away, and yet it was the sole thing he could focus on. Everything else was just…on the sidelines.

Everything except for the child inside him that Sebby tried his damnedest to deliver.

Zack wanted to give the other man as much credit as possible for being able to do something as amazing as help him deliver his child, but at the same time, the only thing going through Zack’s head was how much he hated Sebby’s clumsy hands, how much he wished the bastard would hurry up, and how he would find a way to kill him if he couldn’t get the child out of him.

He might have sworn at the man and threatened him, after spitting out the belt that his mate had so lovingly shoved between his teeth, but he couldn’t remember that either.

He could have been sitting on that road for hours. He had no concept of time. He was just aware, and grateful, when he heard the first cries of his daughter.

A daughter! He’d thought for sure he would end up having a son, but this was going to be good, as well. He was happy with a daughter. So long as she was alive and had healthy lungs.

Which she clearly did.

She’d been slippery and covered with red and purple goop. Sebby was still picking off the sharp eggshell pieces stuck to her skin, and then Zack hated Sebby again as the warlock forced the little girl into Blaze’s arms so he could stuff his hand back inside of Sebby’s hurting wound, his fingers sliding around where they weren’t meant to be, picking out pointy eggshell pieces.

Zack had looked at his mate and noted the way Blaze looked down at the squalling bundle in his arms, as though terrified of it, and Zack wasn’t just happy. He was content.

He’d done it. He’d kept his child away from his coven and brought her to the arms of her father. Even if he died now, he would die with Blaze beside him, knowing the man had promised to care for her.

That had been enough. He closed his eyes, resting as Sebby continued to violate him with his clumsy hand.

* * * *

Blaze stepped into the little girl’s room. He looked over her crib, reached his hand down and stuck his finger next to her face.

Still breathing.

Now that she was here, he was paranoid as fuck about all the ways in which she could apparently suffocate to death.

If she slept on her belly with her face in her tiny mattress, she could suffocate. He couldn’t put a little blanket or a stuffed animal in there or else she might suffocate.

Blaze checked the baby monitor. Still on. It was working. He’d thought it stopped working and then had to come in here.

Despite the way she’d come into the world, the girl was pretty silent.