The Dragon Takes What's His(25)

By: Marcy Jacks

Zack nodded, his heart still racing. “I’m good. I’m okay.”

He could actually feel the beating of his heart inside his neck. Of course it wasn’t actually his heart, it was just his pulse, but that was how powerful those beats were coming.

“I’m good. Gold, I’m fine, trust me,” Sebby said.

“Fuck, I need to check the back, make sure none of the stuff was damaged,” Blaze said.

“The stuff?” It took Zack a minute to realize Blaze was talking about the baby supplies.

“I’ll go with you,” Gold growled, getting out of the vehicle with him.

Sebby groaned. “Be careful! We’re on the side of the road!”

Gold answered by slamming the door.

Zack could make out the angry sounds of the two men barking at each other. Mostly it was Gold doing the barking, but whatever, it was fine. They were powerful men, and they could handle themselves.

Zack slid his hands over his belly. He felt nothing inside him, but that was to be expected since it was an egg inside him.

“You okay?” Sebby asked, leaning forward again. “For real. If the egg cracked in your belly that could be a problem.”

Zack swallowed, nodding. He didn’t feel any sharp pain that he would associate with a sharp egg piece stabbing him in the side, so that had to mean everything was all right.

“I think I’m okay. It’s lucky you put your seatbelt back on.”

Sebby laughed, as though only now seeing the humor in the close call he had. “Yeah, I guess so.”

Gold yelled louder at Blaze. The windows were tinted, but Zack could still see both men.

“Gold is really going after him.”

“I’ll give it another two minutes. If they haven’t stopped, then I’ll step outside and guilt them into getting back into the vehicle.”

Zack nodded. They clearly weren’t checking to make sure the baby supplies hadn’t been damaged.

Zack leaned back in his seat. He rubbed his face. He just wanted to forget that little scare had ever happened. He was going to go home tonight with his mate and work on helping Blaze remember him and hopefully gain some of his forgiveness for casting the spell and running away like a complete coward.

When that time came, this would just be a funny memory.

“Fuck, Zack, slide down slowly in your seat.”


“No, don’t look back here. Just keep your head down and move very slowly.”


He looked out the front windshield, and the lurch his heart put his previous scare to shame.

Cloaked figures appeared in the road. A strange, mystifying fog floated over the road.

There were four of them. Their black cloaks hid almost everything distinguishable about them. Their bodies, their faces. The only thing it couldn’t do was hide their heights and widths.

And now that Zack had seen them, he was frozen. Gold and Blaze were still yelling at each other, as though trying to make the other submit.

They didn’t see the warlocks in the street.

“Sebby, do you have any other warlock friends who come to see you from time to time.”

“No.” Sebby suddenly, and against his own warnings to stay still and not move, flew into the front seat and slammed his hand on the car horn.

The warlocks stopped moving like they were Storm Troopers on a lineup. Zack glanced back, noting the instant Blaze was aware of the enemy.

It was impressive how quickly he and Gold got in sync with each other as they shifted into their dragon shapes in the middle of the road and chased after the warlocks.

Chapter Eleven

Blaze opened his jaws wide, ready to catch himself a mouthful of dark warlock and chow down.

The son of a bitch shifted his weight to the side, deftly avoiding getting his arm bitten off just as Blaze snapped his teeth down.

He dug his claws into the concrete beneath his body and whirled around, ignoring the burn beneath his feet and the way the stone and concrete filed down his claws.

This wasn’t the woods. These fuckers were coming at him and Gold right on the middle of the road.

What the hell were they thinking? Were they from Sebby’s old clan? Or were they here for Zack? Zack had been specific when he’d said he’d given nothing away about Blaze aside from what was already obvious.

That the man to impregnate him was a dragon. That couldn’t be hidden, but unless they knew where…

Right. He was so stupid. How many dragon clans were in a two-hundred-mile radius? If these men were from Zack’s old clan, then of course they would have come looking here. They wouldn’t be able to get through the wards Sebby had managed to get up, but they would know the area.

The question was, how did they know to step out of the shadows right now?