The Dragon Takes What's His(23)

By: Marcy Jacks

Blaze looked at Zack. “What about you? You cast this spell on me. Can you remove it?”

He should have asked that from the start.

Zack wetting his lips and lowering his eyes was answer enough. The answer was no.

“Maybe…” Zack started. “If you’re already starting to get flashes coming back just by being around me, maybe it will be enough to just let them come back naturally?”

Blaze sucked back a deep breath.

That was a possible solution, but he didn’t want to go that route. He was impatient.

“So you took away my memories, but you didn’t destroy them. Why not do that?”

Zack rubbed at his arm. He radiated shame and discomfort. “I guess I just really didn’t want to do it.”

Blaze’s heart did a painful twisting thing in his chest.

Fuck. He needed to put an end to this.

Blaze turned back to Silver. “I just wanted to let the clan know about this. Zack is my mate. He’s carrying my egg. He’s going to give birth to it fairly soon, and I didn’t want anyone walking around to be shocked by that.”

Silver inhaled a deep breath, but he nodded, coming to a stand. “If he’s your mate, then he’s your mate. We’ll keep him safe and protected like we would with anyone else.”

Blaze breathed a sigh. He wasn’t sure what else he was expecting to hear today, but this seemed kind of easy.

Disappointing when it came to the fact that he had to wait for his memories to come back, but this was going to work out just fine.

“All right, perfect.” Blaze felt pretty good. “So I just need to let Lightning and Drake know about this and we’re good.”

“That’s not the only thing,” Zack said suddenly.

Blaze looked down at his mate. “Okay, what do you need?”

Zack swallowed hard. He looked up at Blaze with such wide and nervous eyes that Blaze was immediately let on to the fact that something was definitely not right.

Zack’s chest expanded heavily with a hard breath. “When I give birth, where does the egg come out of?”

No one in the room said a damned word.

Blaze wanted to drop into a damned hole and die.

How the fuck was he supposed to explain this?

Chapter Ten

Zack could tell that he was going to be the odd one out for the next several weeks. And that was only if he was lucky. When he and Blaze left Silver’s house, it was with a few strict instructions that Zack probably shouldn’t show his face too much around the clan. Not unless he was called on to do it.

If someone saw him and asked questions, then that was one thing.

Not that they were planning on hiding him. Silver was apparently going to let the rest of the clan know what was going on. Though he didn’t seem too happy about the new burden that had been placed on him.

“Your alpha, he seemed kind of angry.”

“He’s not my alpha. He’s my leader,” Blaze said, his hands adjusting on the steering wheel. “I follow him because I respect him, not because some instinct compels me to.”

“You just saying that because I’m back here or what?” Gold asked, his tone joking and light.

“You’re not the leader either, so there’s no need to impress you.”

They were back in Blaze’s car. Gold and Sebby were with them. They were just coming back from the shopping Blaze had clearly not been looking forward to, but now Zack had a few more clothes. At least now he didn’t have to hide his belly with that huge jacket now that he was back in the vehicle.

The awkward stares he’d been getting while walking around the mall had really gotten to him.

Luckily, with Sebby along to chat with Zack and ask his questions, and Gold there to distract Blaze, things had gone fairly well.

Zack was stunned with the number of baby supplies his mate had purchased for him.

Though, maybe he shouldn’t be all that surprised. It wasn’t as if he’d given the man much notice that there was a child on the way.

Between the flat box with the crib in the back, the four boxes of diapers, the little bowl thing to bathe babies in a sink, powders, and bottles, the back of the SUV was stuffed with so many baby supplies that Zack could still smell the baby section of the store.

In the backseat, where Sebby and Gold sat, were also the bags of Zack’s new clothes, as well as the few other purchases that Sebby and Gold had made for themselves.

Blaze didn’t buy anything for himself. Only baby supplies and some things for Zack, including extra jeans, shirts, underwear and socks for both before the baby was born and after it came.

And one other thing.

It currently sat in Zack’s lap. He held on to the little bear Blaze had purchased for him as though the thing was a treasure to behold.