Public Relations(115)

By: Katie Heaney

Her family: Mom, Dad, Nenns, Jordan, Dylan. You are at the core of everything I do, you make it all possible.

And finally, Katie Heaney, a million times: Thank you, thank you, for being the best friend and creative partner a woman could dream of. You make me a better writer and thinker and person, and every day I’m grateful that four years ago I didn’t care how creepy it might look to email you and tell you we should be friends. Look at us now!!! I can’t wait for everything that comes next.

Katie wants to thank:

Arianna Rebolini, the Rose to her Harper (even though we both know Arianna is the stylish one). Writing this book was a joy from start to finish, in large part thanks to your friendship, support, and talent. I am so glad we thought up Rose on that hike, and even gladder that we met in the first place. I can’t wait to do this 500 more times!!

Her family: Mom, Dad, Joe, and Dan. Thank you for your continual support and love.

Her girlfriend, Lydia. Thanks for listening patiently, and enthusiastically, while Arianna and I performed scenes from the book out loud. Thanks also for sending me gifs of Harry Styles and pictures of you in which you look like Harry Styles. You’re a dreamboat.

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