Prairie Desire

By: Tessa Layne


For Jav & Kris

Love is more precious the second time around

Welcome to Prairie!

Where the cowboys are sexy as sin, the women are smart and sassy, and everyone gets their Happily Ever After!

Prairie is a fictional small town in the heart of the Flint Hills, Kansas – the original Wild West. Here, you’ll meet the Sinclaire family, descended from French fur-trappers and residents of the area since the 1850s. You’ll also meet the Hansens and the Graces, who’ve been ranching in the Flint Hills since right before the Civil War.

Prairie embodies the best of western small town life. It’s a community where family, kindness, and respect are treasured. Where people pull together in times of trial, and yes… where the Cowboy Code of Honor is alive and well.

Every novel is a stand-alone book where the characters get their HEA, but you’ll get to know a cast of secondary characters along the way.

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PRAIRIE STORM – Axel Hansen & Haley Cooper (coming Summer 2017)

PRAIRIE OBSESSION – Travis Kincaid & Elaine Ryder (coming in 2017)

PRAIRIE FIRE – Parker Hansen & Cassidy Grace (coming in 2018)

PRAIRIE FEVER – Gunnar Hansen & Suzannah Winslow (coming in 2018)

PRAIRIE ECSTACY – Colton Kincaid & Lydia Grace (coming in 2018)

PRAIRIE LUST – Jarrod O’Neill & Lexi Grace (coming in 2018)

PRAIRIE REDEMPTION – Cody Hansen & Carolina Grace (coming in 2018)

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Ben Sinclaire was in a whole mess of trouble, and as near as he could tell, there was no getting out of it. The question was what to do about the bomb that had been so casually dropped in his lap yesterday afternoon by Axel Hansen?

He paused his mucking long enough to wipe a bead of sweat from his eye, then attacked the stall he was cleaning with renewed vigor. He’d always held that sweat could solve any problem, bring perspective to any conundrum.

And it wasn’t working. Not even close.

With a grunt of frustration, Ben tossed a final scoop of manure-filled hay on the wheelbarrow. He’d thrown himself into every undone project on the Sinclaire ranch over the last twenty-four hours. And for what? He’d accomplished a laundry list of tasks he and his brothers had put off – mending barbed wire along the north pasture, changing the oil in the tractor, fixing the dry rot in one of the unused stalls, even deep cleaning the tack. But hard work hadn’t brought peace of mind. Only a blood blister and an achy back.

And demons that haunted him with every turn of his spade.

Hope Hansen was coming home.

Ben hadn’t seen Hope, in what… eight years? Hell, who was he kidding? He knew exactly when he’d last seen Hope. Memorized every detail of their last encounter. Played it over in his mind countless times.

The scene floated in front of him like it was yesterday. Unquenched desire briefly coated his tongue. And then, just as quickly, he tasted the bitterness of regret, of longing that had frayed like a sheet in a windstorm.

Hope Hansen.

The girl dreams were made of… for someone else. Not him. That ship had sailed without him.

Being alone sucked. Especially now, with his older brother, Blake, newly married and expecting a baby, and his younger brother, Brodie, getting married at Christmas.

He was the odd man out. A third wheel at the family bonfires.

He swallowed back a ripple of envy over his brothers’ newfound happiness. They deserved every bit of it. But Ben knew in his heart of hearts, he was a one-woman man. And he’d blown his chance with the woman of his dreams on a sultry night eight years ago.

Hope was packing for college, leaving in a few days to study equine sciences at the University of Kentucky. Horse country. She wanted to be a horse vet. Every moment they’d shared that summer crackled with sexual tension. He’d started staying away from the tree house where they met regularly, because lately, all he’d wanted to do was kiss her.

And he couldn’t kiss Hope.

She’d been his best friend since he was ten. The person who knew him better than anyone. Not to mention, their families would have had a fit. At that point, reconciliation between the families would have been impossible. Especially for a budding romance. And Hope was a kid. Barely a day over eighteen. But that didn’t stop him from taking himself in hand nearly every night and fantasizing about touching her. Kissing her. He was an awful human being for wanting to make love to his best friend.