Partners:Fire & Lies – ONE

By: Lilliana Anderson

Fire & Lies – ONE



Rules are made to be broken…

That’s what they say but I used to follow the rules. I used to have pride, honour, and obedience. I was raised to believe that in the world in which I lived, money and power ruled, and everyone made sacrifices. I knew my priorities. Family first. The company second. And what I wanted a very distant third.

I followed the rules, but couldn't have known that obedience would ultimately cause betrayal. On many fronts.

My father was framed, and I’ll do whatever it takes to put the right man behind bars.

My name is Chloe Donovan, and I’m going to make things right. But to do that, I need to break the law, and I can’t do it on my own. I need help. The problem is, the only person capable of helping, hates me. I don’t blame him. I promised him the world and then I ran away…


I used to follow the rules. Until Chloe Donovan. She was my boss’s daughter. I shouldn’t have touched her. But I did. Three years ago, she came into my life, consuming it. Consuming me. I needed her. She betrayed me, as did her father. Lies and deception. Never again.

Chloe was the worst mistake I ever made. She’s temptation and destruction wrapped in a beautiful package. But, my blood doesn’t really fill my brain when I’m around her…

Now, she’s back, declaring her innocence and once again, ensnaring me with her magnetism, her beauty, her allure. I should say no.

But Chloe Donovan owns me. I still want her. Her draw may be the death of me.


ORIGINALLY, PARTNERS was being written as a novella that was to be a part of an anthology. It was supposed to be Chloe POV only and was to provide the back-story of her and Aiden’s relationship before PLAYED was released in December.

But, as I was writing, the story grew and grew. I realised that Aiden needed a voice in his relationship as well, and then the past needed to be dealt with. That was so much to set up and their story very quickly headed toward novel length.

So, I decided to write another story for the anthology (it will link to the end of the Fire & Lies series. So keep an eye on my Facebook page or blog for details) and let this story grow to the size it needed to be to adequately set the scene for Played, and finally, Paid.

This series has been on my mind ever since I bought an album and heard a particular song. The moment, I heard the lyrics, I felt the pull of a story in my mind. The seed was planted and from there, the characters emerged and the twisted tail that you will follow within the Fire & Lies series grew and grew until I couldn’t contain it anymore.

I know you’re dying to find out what that song was, but it will be something I reveal at the very end. (I know, I’m mean. But I don’t want to spoil anything for you).

I really hope you enjoy reading Partners. So far, the most common reaction I’ve had to it is –Wow!. So I really hope you feel the same way too and decide to tell all of your friends about, what I hope will be, a wild ride.


AS ALWAYS, there are people to be thanked! Many sets of eyes go in to the creation of each of my books and I am very grateful to every person who takes time out of their lives to help me.

Thank you to my beta readers for working so hard for me. Marion of Making Manuscripts, I thank you for the initial bouncing of ideas and your detailed guidance after the first draft. Tammie (I hope you’re feeling better soon!), Mary, Billie, Lindsey, Kristine, and Kassandra. Thank you all so much. I know I say this a lot, but your input reall was invaluable to me and has made this book so much better than if I had have done it all alone. Thank you! Thank you! I love you all!

Thank you to my editor, Maria Johnson, for trawling through my manuscript for errors and always working me into her schedule. I believe she was working on the road while travelling half-way around Australia this time!

Thank you to my proofreader, Carol Cooper, you do a fantastic job and I’m so blessed that you decided to contact me and offer your help.

Thank you to my special ladies who are my constant support, Cj Duggan, Frankie Rose, Jessica Roscoe/Lili Saint Germain, and Callie Hart. You have been listening to my constant doubt and pushing me forward throughout the whole writing process. I don’t know what I’d do without you all in my life!

To my sprinting partners – Simone Nicole, Stephanie Smith, Jennifer Ryder, Aleya Michelle, Amity Cross, and Rachel Brookes, thank you all for sitting up late at night and sprinting your arses off with me while we were all hopped up on sugar and doing our best not to get distracted as per the sprinting pledge! I really appreciate my time with you all.