Paranormal Erotica Box Set

By: Giselle Renarde

Paranormal Erotica Box Set:

Vampires,Shifters and Fairy Tales by Giselle Renarde

Table of Contents


2.Milady’s Bath

3.A Jealous God

4.Mrs. Fox and the Cat of Nine Tails

5.Blood Addict

6.A Wolf in Grandmother’s Clothing


8.The Mesmerist and the Mare

9.Blood Lust

10.Princess of the Ravens

11.To Dream of Her True Love’s Face

12.Beneath the Ice

13.Taken From Behind


15.Blood Whore

16.Neither Love Nor Money

17.Sparrow Takes Flight

18.Secrets of the Solstice Sacrifice


Once upon a time, there was a maiden called Jungfrau who lived alone at the summit of a great mountain range. As she grew into womanhood, Jungfrau remained blissfully unaware of the dangers that might befall a beautiful girl. Monche, the monk who lived on the mountain peak next to hers, observed her insouciance and questioned her safety. He knew that, along this very mountain range, there lived an ogre who would not hesitate before interfering with such a fair maiden.

“Jungfrau,” Monche called to her. When she did not respond, the monk began a slow trek in her direction. “Jungfrau? Fair maiden, I must speak with you.”

Finally, Jungfrau heard his words and turned. She smiled at him, and her lips were like roses glistening with honey sweetness. In her hands, she held edelweiss and mountain flowers, which only an innocent might find beneath the mountain’s snow. Holding them out for Monche to see, she said, “Look what I found, kind neighbour.”

“Beautiful,” Monche said, feeling the ache of that beauty in his gut.

Jungfrau stood before him in a long white robe, which caught the breeze’s whims and fluttered around her ankles. Her snow-white hair glistened in the daytime sun as she brought her bouquet close to her face and took in their fragrance. She closed her eyes and looked as though ecstasy had found her in that handful of edelweiss.

“Maiden,” Monche said. His impulses raged below the surface, but he kept his need in check as a monk must do. “Maiden, are you not concerned for your safety, all alone on this mountain?”

Her eyes grew round and wide. “What is there to be frightened of?”

“The ogre,” Monche blurted. “I don’t mean to alarm you, but he is a beast of a man and lives on the peak next to mine. I would never forgive myself if I failed to keep you safe.”

Jungfrau nodded slowly, and then gazed up at her house on the hill. “Will the ogre find me there?”

“He could.” Monche’s heart raced. “And, worse yet, the ogre has the power to enchant you.

You cannot trust your own senses, dear maiden. You might give yourself to him and not know why.”

The edelweiss fell from her hands. “Oh dear,” she said. “What can I do to prevent such an attack?”

“Come with me,” the monk suggested. “I will keep you safe.”

Jungfrau gazed longingly at her mountain, and sighed in resignation. When she took his hand and followed, Monche’s groin ached most devilishly.

He showed her to his chamber, which was little more than a very large cave hollow. She seemed reluctant as she entered, afraid of the darkness and the heaviness of the stone all around.

“It’s all right,” Monche said to her. “I will not hurt you, Jungfrau.”

“Oh, I didn’t think…” She trailed off, but her cheeks burned red and she fidgeted a great deal, touching her dress, scuffing the cavern floor. “Yes, I know. You’re a monk.”

“That doesn’t mean to say I have succeeded in abandoning my impulses,” he confessed as he threw off his robes.

Jungfrau gasped, stepping away until her back met the cavern wall. She covered her eyes and then slowly uncovered them. Her jaw dropped and she asked, “What is that?”

She pointed between his legs.

“You’ve heard of a chastity belt?” he asked, and she nodded. “Well, this is the same idea, but for a man. I’ve bound myself in leather, you see. It’s inescapable unless I take a knife to it, but the danger of cutting my sensitive flesh is far too great. You are safe with me, maiden, but are you safe with yourself?”

A rosy blush crossed her cheeks, and she pressed both hands to her face. “Should I be wearing a chastity belt too, do you think?”

Monche had already considered this question at great length. “I have a better idea for you, Jungfrau. I propose securing you to the wall of my cavern so that you may never succumb to the ogre’s evil intentions.”

Jungfrau turned her pretty head and gazed at the metal rings Monche had secured to the stone.