Fire Planet Warrior's Passion (Fire Planet Warriors Book 2)

By: Calista Skye


- Lily -

“Oh my goodness. Think I can get him to spank me?”

Lily followed Charlotte's gaze and immediately saw who she was talking about. A large Acerex warrior sauntered across the room, all muscle and flame tattoos and confidence. Everyone around him unconsciously moved to get out of his way, even those who had their backs to him. Which weren't many. All eyes were on him. Yep, that was just the kind of guy Charlotte would like.

Lily shrugged. “If you're his Mahan, I think you can probably get him to do anything. If you're not, well ...”

Charlotte adjusted her dress to show just a little more cleavage, not taking her eyes off the warrior. “Maybe I just have to convince him that I am his Mahan and that we're fated mates. For a little while, anyway. They can't be that different from Earth guys, can they?”

Lily took a sip of her drink, wishing she was back in the lab with the holo display fired up on the immersive VR and a different drink in her hand. Huge social events like this one was never her favorite, and being dressed to the nines even less so. But she felt that she had a duty to be here. It was the first big social occasion on the spaceship Friendship that Earth had sent to the Acerex world to show exactly that: friendship.

The interstellar ambassador thing had seemed fun to start with, when all the girls were dizzy with happiness after they were saved from the Fire Planet and Harper married the king of Acerex and everything looked so rosy. But gradually she had learned that she wasn't that good at representing Earth on an alien planet. Too quiet, too introverted and too direct whenever she'd say something. The Acerex warriors were nice enough, but she was sure they didn't really respect her like they did Harper. And the few females on the planet ignored her completely.

She shrugged. “They seem pretty different to me. Most of the time. I mean, look at them. They're all totally jacked, but have you ever seen a gym on their planet?”

Charlotte brightened when she seemed to catch the warrior's eye, then sighed when he looked away again. “No, can't say that I have. But yeah. They're different. That Mahan system is getting to me, Lily. I haven't gotten any since ... well, since Earth. And here we're surrounded by the hottest males in the universe, and they won't even check out our boobs. Dammit, it can't be right.”

Lily nodded in sympathy, but she didn't really feel it. Charlotte did have a nice chest that she liked to show off, and men from Earth always did double takes when they spotted it. She was pretty sure Charlotte had never been ignored by any guy. Unlike herself. “Oh, I don't know. Mating for life seems like a pretty good deal to me. If you can find your Mahan. But I'm sure Harper being Vrax'ton's Mahan was a total fluke. I mean, we are aliens to them, after all. It's probably too much to expect.”

Charlotte growled when another warrior gave her a polite nod and a cool smile instead of letting his gaze wander down her body. “Well, at this rate, I won't be coming back from my next leave. I'll just stay on Earth. Maybe the guys there aren't as noble and hot and confident as these ones, but at least they'll see me as a woman and not just as an alien ambassador. Heck, we're not that alien! Hey, you!”

Another warrior raised his eyebrows politely as the translator device that Charlotte wore discreetly around her neck spoke in his own language. “Warrior dude!” she continued. “Do I have antennas on my head? Is my skin green and scaly? Do I have six arms or five boobs?”

The innocent warrior who was just passing by through the crowd had a puzzled look on his face and was about to say something when Charlotte smiled sweetly. “Never mind. Alien stuff. Earthling ritual. Take no heed.”

The warrior gave a confused smile and walked on, his flame tattoos flexing with each step.

Lily hid a smile behind her drink. She knew that Charlotte would keep coming back to Acerex for as long as she was allowed there. She was too conscious of duty and too responsible to not see the value she had for Earth. The Acerex people really liked her and she liked them. She was a spaceship pilot and career soldier, and they understood her mindset.

But not Lily's. She was more into computers and tech and healing, and those were fields where the Acerex appeared to have no interest at all. They were not strangers to high tech like spaceships and communication devices and so on, but they only treated those things as necessary evils. Computers were rare and usually ignored, and they didn't care for medicine at all.

Harper came over to them and clinked her glass to Lily's and Charlotte's. “So I would never have thrown this party if I'd known that the Acerex have no idea how to have fun. It was supposed to be a mixer, but they just don't mix very well. Stars, you two must be bored to death.”