Escape From Obsession

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

The American Soldier Collection: Escape from Obsession

Gia Marie Giselli’s boyfriend wanted to share her with his business partner, and she refused. She leaves New York the moment she gets a chance and heads to Houston, Texas. With the help of her cousin Teddy, a detective there, she finds a new home and tries to put her past behind her.

In Texas she meets Garrett, Wes, and Gunny McCallister. Her world and impression of ménage relationships are turned upside down. They want her, and as they try to convince her that this relationship is serious, some jerk from work attempts to assault her, making all her fears of men resurface.

When they finally get through that incident, Gia's past reemerges. Can the McCallisters keep her safe and convince her that true love and compassion don't come in the form of fists, control, and fear?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.



Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Letter to Readers

Dear Readers,

If you have purchased this copy of The American Soldier Collection: Escape from Obsession by Dixie Lynn Dwyer from or its official distributors, thank you. Also, thank you for not sharing your copy of this book.


Dear reading fans,

I hope you enjoy this new series. There just seems to be something sexy and mesmerizing about our men in uniform. The fact that they protect and serve appeals to many of us. The tight-fitting uniforms across bulging muscles, the intensity of their smiles, their actions or simply the way they stand so straight and tall, ready to jump into action. Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

I dedicate this series to our heroes and to four very special military men, Johnny M, Nathan Z, Brian R, and of course Johnny R. Thank you for your wisdom and for sharing your experiences and emotions with me.

Hugs y’all!





Looking down from a thousand feet above, his parachute extending as the wind set him farther to the right than anticipated. The thrill of flying no longer so thrilling, as his landing zone erupted in an explosion of flames. Dread ceased to make his heart stop beating. A commando well trained, devoted, and ready to die for his country while protecting it.

Garrett McCallister watched in horror as his fellow troop member Brian landed in the sea of red. A few moments later, Garrett hit the flames, bounced along the hard surface of ground, and met his fate. On instinct he drew back his parachute, disconnected the nylon, and pulled for his weapon. He turned to the right and then to the left, picking up the shadows of his fellow commandoes. Rapid gunfire echoed around them and they scattered for cover. He was in survival mode as he shot into the group of enemy soldiers firing upon him. An even larger explosion erupted behind him as the HALO that was sent to assist exploded at the hands of a land-to-air missile.

He heard his buddies’ tortured screams as shrapnel scattered around them. The instant pain in his thigh then the sight of the enemy moving toward him indicated he was as good as dead.

He could hear Colt radio in for air support and he knew he needed to provide cover for his friend. Pulling out his automatic weapon he began to light up the area around them, ultimately taking out the enemy soldiers. As the fires raged and the smoke nearly halted any capability of relocating, he saw three of his buddies being captured.

Behind him he heard Colt say that help was on its way. Three minutes.

Filled with pain, but knowing his men needed his assistance, Garrett pushed up, ignoring the sight of torn flesh and blood on his thigh, and allowed the adrenaline rush to power his move. He ran through the stream of fire for a better shot and took out the men who were beginning to torture his troops.

Firing rapidly into the group, he took them out then ran to assist his soldiers. He could hear men yelling, saying something in a different language through the smoke farther toward the trees. Just as he thought that they wouldn’t survive and that he had done all he could to stay alive, the distinct sound of air support filled the evening sky. They were coming. They were going to make it out alive. This mission was not going to be his last.

Garrett awoke in a sweat, drenched through his sheets, tossing and turning as he gasped for breath. He could practically taste the smoke and gasoline burning his throat. He sat up, letting his legs hang off the side of the bed as he held his face in his hands. His joints and muscles ached. He was in great physical condition, but the years of jumping out of planes, hand-to-hand combats, repelling assaults, and amphibious landings had taken a toll on his body. Thirty and limping around like a fucking invalid pissed him off. Almost as much as these fucking nightmares. Having to relive that night of his last mission as a commando was driving him mad. His attitude sucked. He hated his fucking situation and he disliked having to play polite in the family business. Knowing his brothers, Wes and Gunner or Gunny, like he and his family called Gunner, had ended their military careers, too, gave him piece of mind. But they had taken on other jobs. Gunny was a local Texas Ranger and Wes was an assistant head coach for the local high school football team. On their days off, they worked at Casper’s, their fathers’ bar and restaurant.