Clan of the Wolf(100)

By: Avery Kloss

I knew he would say that, scowling as I got to my feet. “Fine!”

“It’ll be my pleasure teaching you the meaning of submission … Peta.”

“I won’t be here long enough to make it worth your effort.” Tossing hair over a shoulder, I turned to look at him, loathing everything about the man. “Don’t touch my son while I’m gone.” I darted through the doorway before he could respond, finding his men outside.

When I returned, Wildre sat next to Greggor, using some sort of sharpened stick to pick at his fingernails. He stared at me, following my every move. I settled in next to Bannon, the baby fast asleep. Holding my head in the palm of my hand, I gazed into the fire, wishing to be anywhere else, although I had eaten well enough and the hut felt warm and cozy.

“That will be all,” he intoned. “You may sleep now.”

“Here or with Shay?”

“With Shay. I wish to speak to … my guest. I don’t want to keep you awake. You grow my babe. You need your rest.”

She eyed me, a look of displeasure marring her features. “Yes, my Lord.” She left without another word.

Greggor untied the fur from his feet, tossing them aside. Then he lifted a beaded necklace over his head, discarding it. I scooted nearer to Bannon, pretending to sleep, although I could not help feeling worried over what might happen next, wishing I had a weapon. Killing Greggor would end my troubles once and for all, the man an enemy of my people, his very presence a scourge upon the land.

I closed my eyes.

“You’re still awake. Come here, Peta. I wish to talk.”

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