Baby Maker(166)

By: Jenny Jax

She wrapped her arms around Garrett’s waist and let him drive them into the future.


Lila sat on the porch of what had once been Marcus Garcia’s citrus farm, watching the sun set. Summer was in full bloom now, and it was getting hot, even by California standards. Cavalier was busy, full of tourists, and she’d started spending more time out at the orchard. It was calmer than in town, and she’d started liking both the peace, and the rough voices of the various club members.

Take had gone back to Los Angeles, and taken some of the members along with him; others had come from L.A., looking for a more relaxed pace than the busy city. The clubs were both still branches of the Sons of Chaos, but Garrett had managed to keep both of the clubs running clean, while still keeping territory safe from those who might have tried to take it over.

Besides, she had news for Garrett tonight. It would keep, but not for all that long. Sure, they’d tried the pills for a few months, but they’d made her moody and swollen, and they’d decided together that they had waited long enough. They were sure, and whatever would come would come. And now it would, in about 7 months, if the timing in her mind was right.

They’d have to talk about names. It would be too morbid, she thought, to give her child her dead brother’s first name. Maybe the middle name, though. Alexander, or Alexandra. To honor him. To honor what had driven her baby’s parents apart, and then eventually brought them back together. Yeah. That would be nice.

When Garrett’s bike pulled into the yard, she put her boots up on the rail. He could come to her. A broad smile spread over her face as she watched him light up at the sight of her. Yeah. This was going to be a good conversation.