By: Karin Tabke
This is for all the girls who just want to have fun!

Chapter 1

Two things were going to change undercover cop Colin Daniels’s life that day. It wasn’t the blonde lip-locked around his dick or the redhead drilling her wet pussy into his face. What was going to change his life was going to gut-kick him to his knees. He was not going to see it coming and he would not recognize it when it happened, because the second thing that was going to irrevocably change his life that day was going to do its damnedest to make sure the first thing never crossed his path.

Charlie Sheen might have Adonis DNA and tiger blood, but at thirty-four, Colin had the libido of a sixteen-year-old and the stamina of a Brahman bull. Plus, he got to enjoy both with a different goddess every night. Tonight’s double dessert was almost enough to get his mind off the call he was waiting for.

He thrust his hips into the blonde’s succulent lips and dug his fingers into the sweet ass of the redhead even as his tongue thrust into another set of succulent lips. When Blondie’s head bounced up and down on his dick, he slid his hand from an ass cheek and dug his fingers into her hair to slow her down. He liked his blow jobs slow, deep, and tight. The blonde moaned, cupped his balls, and reverently sucked him down to her tonsils.

He groaned, a ragged sound of pleasure. One the redhead didn’t like.

Immediately, she reached behind her and tried to grab his hand away from the blonde, but Blondie stayed his hand, snarling around his dick. The redhead snarled back.

And this was exactly why, to him, variety was the spice of life.

He loved sex. Loved women. He loved all their shapes, sizes, colors, and smells. He loved that he could love them all night with no strings. He never took a woman to his place; he never stayed for breakfast at theirs. It was how he rolled.

In his line of work, commitments complicated the job—if he still had one.

“Bitch,” the redhead hissed.

The curse along with a violent flurry of movement alerted Colin that the catfight was on. Carefully, he extracted his package and rolled, barely escaping before the redhead twisted and pounced on the little blonde.

He shook his head and yanked the redhead off Blondie despite the fact that their claws were digging into each other. Once he’d separated them, he reached for his jeans and yanked them on. He was over it.

“Now he’s leaving!” Blondie screeched at Red. And the fight was on again. It was time to go. Hissing and spitting like pissed-off kittens, the women rolled off the bed to the floor.

“Girls!” he shouted. “Knock it off.”

Like guilty children, they climbed back onto the bed.

“We’ll play nice, Colin,” Blondie said, pouting. Red nodded vigorously. To prove how serious she really was, she ran her hand along the swell of Red’s hip, pulling her closer. Red arched and ran her fingers down Blondie’s belly to her shaved pussy. Colin’s dick reconsidered his imminent exit. The girls smiled in tandem. They reminded him of the Siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp. Only these pussies purred.

Encouraged by his hesitation, Red pushed Blondie roughly onto her back and spread her thighs. She looked over her shoulder at Colin and smiled an I’m-about-to-eat-the-canary smile. His dick swelled. Then she dove in, with her sweet little ass pointing right at him and her slick pink folds clenching and unclenching. It was a tempting offer.

Blondie mewed and moaned, and he knew it wasn’t an act for his benefit. Red was the consummate cock and cunt tease. His cock hurt just thinking about it.

Damn women!

He grabbed a condom from his back pocket, shoved his jeans down his thighs, ripped open the foil package, and slammed the raincoat on. He pulled Red’s sweet little ass toward him and dove in himself. She moaned, grinding against him. Blondie cried out as Red fucked her with her mouth and he fucked Red with his dick. He grit his teeth, closed his eyes, and let it ride.

He arched into Red and came in a harsh burst. At the same time, the “duh, duh-duh-duh” theme from Dragnet rang on his cell. His entire body tensed.

He was about to get an answer to the question that had been haunting him for months. Had he or hadn’t he been reinstated?

He jerked out of Red’s possessive pussy, grabbed his phone from his pocket, and hit the answer button. “Daniels,” he said roughly.

“Looks like you used up another one of those lives of yours, Sergeant,” Colin’s captain said, apparently not happy with Colin’s luck. No surprise there. Since Colin had joined the tristate task force four years ago, this was the third time the captain had called him to tell him he’d dodged another IA bullet with his name on it. This time it was a trumped-up charge of brutality. What the hell was he supposed to do when the bad guy resisted? Sing “Kumbaya”? Colin never pounded a bad guy who didn’t deserve it. Except this time his intel had been wrong. It was the bad guy’s brother. He’d said he was sorry. Wasn’t enough; the dude went after his badge. Almost got it too.