Sheikh's Forbidden Conquest(11)

By: Chantelle Shaw

Tania frowned at Lexi. ‘What are you doing here?’ She turned her wide-eyed gaze to the Sultan and allowed the sheet that was draped around her body to slip down, revealing her bare breasts. ‘Don’t keep me waiting any longer, Kadir,’ she murmured in a sex kitten voice that somehow emphasised how painfully young she was.

‘Go and put some clothes on, Tania.’ In contrast, Kadir spoke in a clipped tone that was as coldly regal as his expression, Lexi noted, when she looked at him.

She instantly grasped the situation—it didn’t take a genius to work out what was going on—and she felt sick at her stupidity. How could she have almost been taken in by the playboy prince’s charisma? It stung her pride to realise that she had no more sense than the silly girl who had just crawled out of his bed.

She glanced at Tania and back to Kadir. The reason he was half undressed in the afternoon was now abundantly clear and she supposed she should be thankful that he had pulled on a pair of trousers before he’d opened the door to her.

‘Forgive me, Your Highness, for not staying around to discuss your proposition, but I’m not into threesomes,’ she said, her voice as biting as a nuclear winter.

His only response was to lift his eyebrows as if he found her reaction amusing.

Lexi’s temper simmered. She looked at Tania, who had at least draped the sheet more strategically around her naked body, and back at Kadir. ‘You bastard. She’s just a kid. Is that how you get your kicks?’

His eyes glittered with anger, but Lexi did not give him a chance to speak. She despised him, and at that moment she despised herself for her weakness. Dear heaven, she had actually wanted him to kiss her! Even now, as she wheeled away from him and marched across the room, her legs trembled and she had to fight the urge to turn her head and look at him one last time, to imprint his outrageously gorgeous facial features on her mind. Pride prevailed and she walked out of the door, closing it with a decisive snap behind her.


KADIR WATCHED LEXI HOWARD across the ballroom and felt a slow burn of desire in the pit of his stomach. She was startlingly beautiful, and he noticed that many of the other party guests glanced at her more than once. There was something almost ethereal about her ash-blonde hair, swept up into a chignon tonight, and her peaches and cream complexion. Her fine bone structure, with those high cheekbones, was simply exquisite. She was an English rose, combining cool elegance with understated sensuality in her short black dress and her endlessly long legs and high-heeled black shoes.

If he was a betting man he would lay money that she was wearing stockings. Kadir’s nostrils flared as he visualised her wrapping her legs around his back, wearing the stockings and stilettos—and nothing else!

He frowned and altered his position in an effort to ease the hard throb of his arousal. It was a long time since he’d felt so intensely turned on by a woman, especially by a woman who clearly disliked him. In fact it had never happened to him before. Since his youth, women had thrown themselves at him.

Perhaps it was simply the novelty of Lexi Howard’s frosty attitude that intrigued him. His mind flew to those few moments in his hotel room when he had nearly kissed her. What had started out as an amusing game had quickly and unexpectedly turned into something darker and hotter when he’d seen the invitation in her eyes.

He wondered what would have happened if the teenager Tania Stewart, who had followed him around like a lovesick puppy while he had been staying at her father’s hotel, had not made her spectacular appearance. Kadir knew he would have covered Lexi’s mouth with his and tasted her—and she would have let him. Instead, she had treated him like a pariah. His jaw clenched. The scalding fury that had been responsible for him gunning his sports car up the motorway still simmered inside him like the smouldering embers of a fire.

‘I see you’re looking at my future sister-in-law.’

Kadir’s bland expression gave away none of his thoughts as he turned his head towards the man standing beside him. Charles Fairfax’s face had the ruddy hue of a man who was on his fifth gin punch, even though it was still early in the evening. ‘I’d better warn you, old man. You won’t get any joy there. A couple of my friends have tried and reported that Lexi Howard is a frigid bitch. It’s no surprise her fiancé dumped her. The guy was lucky the ice queen didn’t freeze his balls off.’ Charles laughed, evidently finding his schoolboy attempt at humour funny.

Charles had always been a pain in the backside when they had been at school, Kadir mused, fixing a smile on his lips to disguise his temptation to rearrange Charles’s nondescript features with his fist. In truth, he was puzzled by his violent reaction to the Englishman’s crude comments, and his desire to defend Lexi Howard. At Eton College he had never considered Charles Fairfax to be a close friend but, thanks to social media, he had remained in touch with many of his fellow students from his school days. Networking was always useful, and when Lexi had mentioned her sister’s engagement party Kadir had known that there was only one Lord and Lady Fairfax living in Henley-on-Thames.