Private Relations

By: Nancy Warren

Welcome to the Hush Hotel! Check out the couple in room 1864…

“Touch me,” Kit whispered, straddling his lap.

Peter didn’t have to be asked twice. He reached for her breasts, tracing the shape of them through the silk, loving the textures, the nipples pebbling against his fingertips.

He pictured her lushly painted mouth as she murmured, “What will happen next?”

Paper crackled. “‘Will she let me love her?’” Her voice was low and sexy as she read. “‘I don’t know. It’s her choice. Her decision.’” He heard his own words written for the fantasy contest, though she’d added a few of her own.

He hadn’t realized how intense his need would be, with the woman he was in love with—had loved forever—splayed across his lap.

Kit kissed him suddenly, and the shock of her lips, glossy and wet, felt like his first kiss ever.

“Let me love you,” he gasped. “Now.”


There was no way the chair could hold them, what with the two of them tearing at each other’s clothes. They tumbled off and onto the floor—the plush, deeply carpeted, made-for-rolling-around-having-wild-sex floor.

Dear Reader,

Harlequin Blaze books always involve an element of fantasy. Get half a dozen Blaze authors together and the fantasies really start to fly. Talented Jo Leigh was the inspiration behind the DO NOT DISTURB series, which takes place in Manhattan’s newest boutique hotel, Hush.

She invited a few of us to join her and the fun began. Authors Isabel Sharpe, Alison Kent, Jill Shalvis, Debbi Rawlins and myself had a wonderful time designing and populating the hotel.

I decided to make my heroine an overambitious but extremely talented public relations director for Hush. The hero is her own personal PR disaster and an unwelcome surprise in her life. But you can’t put two wildly attracted people together in a hotel like Hush and not see sparks. Or fireworks. Private Relations was a great project to work on with a wonderful group of writers.

For more on the series, including contests and behind-the-scenes info, please visit I hope you’ll also check out the free online DO NOT DISTURB stories at And stop by to visit me at

Check in to Hush and enjoy the fun.

Nancy Warren


KIT PRESTCOTT strode through the lobby of Hush Hotel with the two essentials of her trade—her cell, currently glued to her ear, and her determined smile, currently glued to her face.

As public relations director of Manhattan’s hot new boutique hotel, Kit spent a lot of time on the phone, and she’d perfected that smile. No matter what might be going on behind the scenes, she’d developed that smile as shield, weapon and smoke screen.

A gossip columnist had once called her, “Kit Prestcott, the human equivalent of those Smiley Face emoticons that litter e-mail messages like so many fleas.” Instead of being insulted, Kit had laughed and taken to collecting Smiley Face memorabilia.

“The flowers in the lobby aren’t as fresh as I’d like,” she told one of Manhattan’s top florists, who was going to be lucky to sell daisies at a farmer’s market if she let word slip that she wasn’t happy with his product, and he knew it.

Tough. There was no excuse in Kit’s mind for not doing the best job every time. Ambition, creativity, organizational skills: why go into business if you didn’t have oodles of all three?

The art deco lobby was so glorious that the slight wilt to the birds-of-paradise in today’s supposedly fresh arrangement irked her unbearably. While chastising the florist, she mentally flicked through ideas for the big promotion she was planning for RAJ Jewelry’s unveiling of its fall line. It was a prestigious and glam show that Kit had worked her butt off to get, and she was determined the event would be so spectacular that the company would automatically book Hush for all its exclusive launch parties.

As though her brain had a PowerPoint presentation loaded in, an elephant appeared in a full-colored slide—what better way to make a grand entrance for the finest Indian sapphires and rubies than to have an Indian elephant lumber in carrying a maharaja and a treasure chest. Ooh, that could be good. Silk tents, maybe a bazaar theme…