Loving the Princess

By: A.C. Arthur

To kiss a royal

As Grand Serenity’s goodwill ambassador, Princess Samantha DeSaunters lives a dazzling, high-profile life. Her own romantic dreams come second to her devotion to her island realm. Until she impulsively kisses a sexy stranger at a political gala. Now the reticent royal can’t get enough of Garrison Montgomery, the former soldier hired to keep her and the throne safe. But who’ll protect Sam from yearning to turn their mock courtship into the real thing?

In the Caribbean to run security for the ruling family, Gary instead finds himself caught up in a sizzling forbidden affair that could sabotage his mission. As he and Sam share passionate secret nights that make him forget about his past, the threat against the DeSaunterses escalates. Can Gary protect Sam from the enemies out to destroy the crown and hold on to the chance at happily-ever-after with his princess?

She held his gaze.

“Are you looking for love, Gary? Is that what you want out of life now that you’re no longer in the army?”

“No,” he immediately replied. “I’m not looking for anything. I’m content with what I have.”

She took a few seconds before finally nodding and saying, “Yeah, me, too.”

He waited a beat, wondering what was happening now. He’d shared things about his past with her and she’d done the same. He now looked at her differently, and felt as if something had definitely changed between them.

He stood abruptly, rubbing his palms down the front of his pants. “I should go.”

She looked up at him, confusion clear in her gaze. He wondered if she was feeling as weird about what was happening between them as he was. Or maybe she just thought he was the crazy one. Whatever was going through her mind, Gary would have never expected what happened next.

Sam stood then as well, stepping close to him and placing her hand on his chest. “No, you should stay.”

Dear Reader,

We’re back in Grand Serenity, but this time it’s Princess Samantha who finds her true love. I enjoy writing about opposites that instantly attract, and for Sam and Gary, this is exactly what happens! There’s lots of bonding in this story—between Sam and Gary, Sam and Landry and even Sam and her father, Prince Rafe. So there were many feel-good moments leading up to the second royal wedding.

I also had an opportunity to toss in a bit of my hometown culture when Gary brings Sam back to Cambridge, Maryland. I really hope you enjoy this second installment in the Royal Weddings trilogy, as I had such a great time writing this story.

Happy reading,



His lips were hot. His tongue licking against hers like flames raging and spurting with energy. Samantha DeSaunters moved her head slightly and he went deeper, his strong hands covering the skin left bare by the low cut of her dress. She felt like she was falling. No, he was tilting her back, leaning into the kiss with as much fervor and…dare she say, desire, as she had felt bubbling up from the pit of her belly.

The world around her ceased to exist as he nibbled on her bottom lip, just long enough for her to catch a breath before he delved deep once more. Her lipstick was done. Her hair, the careful topple of curls that had taken her maid Lucie an hour to arrange, was going to be a complete disaster. And she was certain—as was part of her ingenious plan—that everyone was staring at them.

Well, she hadn’t actually wanted everyone to see. Just Morty Javis and his persistent and unwelcomed advances.

She still wasn’t one hundred percent certain that doing what she had done was the best idea. Especially considering all eyes in Grand Serenity and a few of the neighboring islands were on her and the entire DeSaunters family right now. That’s what happened when there were several attempts on the lives of the royal family, one of which was an explosion at the palace six weeks ago. The act of terror had injured sixteen people who had been innocently attending the annual Ambassador’s Ball.

He was taking a step back now, his lips still on hers as he brought them both to an upright position. He pulled away slowly. So slowly Sam felt like she might have actually been following him to keep the contact going. When she opened her eyes, she found him already staring at her.

Dark brown eyes, bushy brows and slightly parted lips of medium thickness really had her thinking about going in for a second kiss. She didn’t. It was time to get her thoughts in line, if not her traitorous body, which wanted to stay right there in this man’s arms enjoying more of his kisses and possibly whatever else he had to offer. But acting on that thought would end up embarrassing them both.

Instead she flattened her palms against the lapels of his suit jacket and prepared to step away. He held her firmly, halting her exit plan.