Hot Westmoreland Nights(62)

By: Brenda Jackson

Ramsey would have taken the time to inquire just what that something was had he not been so eager to head out the door.

Chloe pushed away from her desk and glanced out the window. It was hard to believe it had been three weeks since she had left Ramsey’s ranch. Three solid weeks and this morning her suspicions had been confirmed. She was pregnant.

If she thought hard enough she figured there were a number of times they had gotten careless, like one of those times in the shower. But it really didn’t matter when it happened, the fact remained that it had happened. Now she had to decide whether she would tell him before returning to Florida. He had a right to know, but whether she would tell him now or later, she just wasn’t sure.

She had had lunch with Ramsey’s sisters last week. Evidently, he was in rare form and they figured his less-than-desirable attitude lately had had something to do with her. Chloe was surprised he hadn’t told them the entire story and fighting back tears she’d ended up telling them everything. How she had initially deceived him and then fell in love with him. Instead of taking their brother’s side as she had figured they would do, they ended up crying right along with her. They were convinced she loved Ramsey and that it was a shame he couldn’t see it for himself. They were convinced once he thought things through he would see the truth for himself. If only she could believe that.

Chloe stood and walked over to the window to continue to look out. Her work here in Denver was finished and Lucia would be handling things from here on out. Her east coast staff was presently looking for a new prospect for the October issue of Simply Irresistible, and that was fine with her. She was ready to move on.

Going back to her desk, she picked up her cell phone to call Lucia who had left that morning for Atlanta to sit in on a leadership workshop with a few of Chloe’s other employees. She got Lucia’s answering machine. “Lou, I’m not feeling well, so I’m going to leave early for your place. That’s where I’ll be if you need me for anything. Otherwise, I’ll see you tomorrow when you return.”

Feeling tired and sleepy, Chloe took a long nap as soon as she got home. When she awoke, she saw it had gotten dark outside and she felt hungry. Reminding herself that although her pregnancy was in the very early stages, that whenever she ate she was eating for two, she went into the kitchen and prepared a meal.

Hours later she had showered, changed into her favorite yellow sundress and had grabbed a book to read when the doorbell sounded. Chloe went to the door and glanced through the peephole. Her breath caught in her chest and she pressed a hand to her throat. Standing on Lucia’s front porch was the man who’d captured her heart, the father of the baby she carried in her womb. Ramsey Westmoreland.

When Chloe opened the door, Ramsey could only stand there and stare at her. At that moment he thought the same thing he had that first morning he’d seen her: She was beautiful.

He did recall that morning. He remembered how he’d tried getting away from her once he saw how attracted he’d been to her. That was something that had not been her fault. And he had done something that morning so unlike him. He had raced off in his truck, leaving his front door open to a stranger. He had assumed she was the cook and he hadn’t given her time to state otherwise.

Once he’d knocked the chip off his shoulder and had taken the time to analyze the situation, sort out the mess, he saw he had contributed to the misunderstanding. She was right in saying that although her original plans may not have been honorable, she had hung around and helped him out. He could just imagine how things would have turned out if she hadn’t.

“Ramsey, what are you doing here?”

Her question brought his attention back to the present. “I’d like to talk to you, if at all possible.”

He saw the wary look in her eyes before she nodded, opened the door wider and then moved aside.

When he passed her the first thing Chloe thought was that Ramsey certainly smelled good. And he looked good, too. He was wearing a pair of jeans, a western shirt and boots. He had removed the Stetson from his head once he’d entered the house.