Hot Westmoreland Nights(56)

By: Brenda Jackson

Now was time to take some of the same advice he’d dished out to Dillon. He knew what he wanted and there was no excuse in his not getting it. He had a goal. By this time next year Chloe Burton would have a permanent place in his bed as his wife.

“Are you okay, Chloe?”

Chloe glanced over at Ramsey. No, she wasn’t okay. Saying goodbye to his men had been the hardest thing she’d ever had to do. And she had fought back tears when they’d given her a going-away gift.

“Yes, I’m okay,” she said, knowing she really wasn’t. Ramsey had helped her to clean up the kitchen after lunch and then she had thrown a couple of items into an overnight bag. When she had stepped outside it was to find a huge RV parked in his yard. He had explained that the modern-day sheepherder believed in living out on the range with all the conveniences of home. Granted most didn’t have anything this large and extravagant. The majority of them did have campers that they pulled behind their trucks and would set up residence without having to sacrifice doing without satellite television, indoor bathroom and kitchen and dining facilities.

The luxury coach Ramsey was driving was his own personal beauty and as Chloe glanced around she was impressed with just how nice it was, and how much an expert driver he was behind the wheel. This was definitely a luxury coach worth owning. It was a home away from home on wheels. His men had already taken the sheep up in the high country, a portion of Ramsey’s land that connected to Dillon’s. Chloe hadn’t been aware of how much property the Westmorelands owned until now.

“The men are going to miss you.”

She smiled. “And I’m going to miss them.”

“And I’m going to miss you as well, Chloe.”

Chloe thought about the words Ramsey had just spoken as she watched him kill the engine of the RV. He glanced over at her and the pull that was always there between them was tugging at her today in the worst possible way. “And I’m going to miss you, too, Ramsey.”

He leaned over and she was there, meeting him halfway over the vehicle’s console. And when their mouths connected she thought that nothing could get any better than this.

He pulled back, but not before taking his tongue to swipe across her lower lip. “Come on, let’s get out so I can show you the rest of the property while there’s still daylight.”

Moments later, holding hands they walked near the area where the sheep were grazing. One of Ramsey’s men, Pete Overton, smiled when they approached. “Now that you’re here boss, I’ll just skedaddle so I’ll be on time for the party.” Pete’s oldest son would be graduating from the university tomorrow and his wife had planned a party in his honor. Ramsey had volunteered to tend to the sheep until Pete came back to relieve him Sunday morning.

“Sure, Pete, and give Pete Jr. my congratulations and best wishes. I know that you and Jayne are proud of him.”

Pete beamed proudly. “Thanks, Ram.” He then glanced at Chloe and his smile got even wider. “The guys and I meant what we said earlier today, Miss Chloe. You’re going to be missed. Nobody makes homemade biscuits quite like you do.”

Chloe returned his smile. “Thanks, Pete.” They then turned and watched Pete get in his truck and leave.

“Pete is a person who doesn’t take to people easily, but it’s plain to see that he likes you,” Ramsey said, wrapping his arms tightly around Chloe’s waist.

She leaned into him. “I know,” she murmured, resting her head back against Ramsey’s chest. “I like him, too. I like all the men who work for you.”

Ramsey introduced her to the four dogs that would be manning the herd and told her the animals made a sheepherder’s job relatively simple. The dogs were the ones who looked after the flock, making sure none of the sheep wandered off and alerted the sheepherder to any mishaps.

After Ramsey gave her a tour of the area where the sheep would be grazing for the next few months, they returned to the travel coach and ate the sandwiches Ramsey had purchased from a deli in town.

Then when it got dark he took out folding chairs so they could sit outside under the stars. They ended up doing a lot more than just sitting under the stars. Ramsey selected a nice spot to spread a huge blanket on the ground where they made love, under the beauty of a Colorado sky. Later when the night turned chilly, they went inside the coach and after taking a shower they tumbled in bed to make love all over again.