Hot Westmoreland Nights(55)

By: Brenda Jackson

Ramsey caught her eye and like before, the look he gave her made her heart thump erratically in her chest. And as she continued to look at him she could actually feel his heat, reaching out across the perimeters of the room and actually touch her. And then he whispered something to Dillon before walking across the room toward her.

When he reached her side he tucked her hand in his, something that wasn’t missed by his sisters. “Thanks, Pamela, for a lovely dinner. It’s time Chloe and I left.”

Chloe glanced up at him, not surprised by what he said. It was either leave so they could go somewhere private or put on a real show for his family.

Pamela glanced at her watch. “It’s early yet. Are you sure you have to go?”

Ramsey smiled. “Yes, trust us, we do.”

Later that night Ramsey was wide awake as he watched Chloe sleep. They had barely made it through the front door before they began stripping out of their clothes. They hadn’t thought about making it up the stairs to the bedroom; instead they had been satisfied just to get to the sofa. By the time he had slid his body into hers, all the restraints he’d held in place over the past twelve hours came crashing down.

He had made love to her with an intensity that had even overwhelmed him. She had writhed beneath him, filled with the same turbulent need as she strained against him, meeting his strokes, his single-minded thrusts as if her very life depended on it.

She had dug her nails into his shoulders and on one or two occasions, had actually bit him. He had growled and then had increased the pace as his control and hers had continued to get shot to hell. He gave it to her hard, and at her encouragement, even harder. She had transformed into a wildcat, a woman who knew the degree of pleasure she’d wanted to experience. A woman who intended for him to give her just what she needed.

And he had. The more she’d wanted, the more he’d given. And by the time their world exploded into one hell of a combined orgasm, he was barely holding on the edge of sanity. He had known the moment pleasure had ripped his soul apart that this was not just a normal lovemaking session between two consenting adults. It was a hell of a lot more than that. The word normal didn’t even come close. There had been nothing ordinary about their joining. It had been the most atypical thing he’d ever experienced.

And now he knew why.

For the first time in his life he wanted to have a serious relationship with a woman. And he now knew more than ever that what he felt for Chloe wasn’t just a sexual thing. Tomorrow was officially her last day at the ranch, although she had agreed to spend Friday and Saturday night with him on the range sheepherding.

He could tell from the murmurs he’d been hearing over the past couple of days from his men that she would be missed, and it wasn’t just about the meals she had prepared for them. It was about the woman they had come to know. A woman who took joy in making their nourishment.

Yet she had remained professional while developing friendships with them. They looked forward to seeing her in the morning and again at noon. She not only talked to them, but she also listened. On occasion, he knew she also offered advice to a couple of the men when they’d inquired as to what to purchase their wives for birthday and anniversary gifts.

They would miss her, but none of them would miss her more than he would. In just two short weeks she had touched him, given him a bone-deep feeling of total and complete satisfaction, one he could not have explained until now.

He leaned over and brushed a kiss across her brow. Last week he could barely make sense of what was happening to him, but now he knew and accepted his fate. He loved this woman. He really loved her.

And he wanted to keep her.

He knew that might be easier said than done. She might not want to have a relationship with him, one with the potential of going somewhere. She might like her life like it was now—not seriously involved with anyone. That Daren guy had probably left a bad taste in her mouth. In that case, he would do whatever he needed to do to make her change her attitude about a serious affair.

Unfortunately he did not have Callum’s patience. Starting now he would rev up his campaign to win her over, prevail in getting her love. At least his situation didn’t appear to be as hopeless as Dillon’s had been when he’d met Pamela. At the time she was engaged to marry someone else. But with his encouragement Dillon hadn’t let that stop him.