A Bride at His Bidding(60)

By: Michelle Smart

Her sister and his niece were tentatively rekindling their old friendship. Both were doing well. Violet had decided to stay in California permanently. She was still clean. Every day was still a battle but, she had assured Carrie, it was a battle that was getting easier. She wanted to stay clean. She wanted to live a long, healthy life. Her words were music to Carrie’s ears.

As for Carrie, she’d handed her notice in when they moved to Agon. She had come to love their home there, loved the life, the sunshine, everything about it. Somewhere along the way she had lost her drive for investigative journalism and, anyway, it wasn’t as if she could go undercover any more when she was half of a famous couple. Her exclusive feature on Andreas—he had loved it—had been a huge hit and the features editor had offered her freelance work, interviewing business leaders and politicians. With Andreas’s encouragement, Carrie had been delighted to accept.

The church doors swung open, the organ started to play and, her arm securely in her father’s hold, her free hand resting on her kicking baby, she began the slow walk to her husband to repeat the vows they had made in private to the rest of the world.

Andreas stood at the top of the aisle next to his father, who was acting as his best man. The two Samaras men had identical beaming grins.

Her heart skipped to see him.

Her heart always skipped to see him.

She had never believed heaven existed.

With Andreas she had found it.