Used by Russian Mafia Boss

By: Bella Rose

A Bad Boy Romance

Chapter One

“You can’t tell me what to do!” Antonina Rustikov hurled the glass vase at the brick wall where it shattered with a satisfying crash. “You’re nothing but a lying, cheating, murdering thug!”

“Toni.” Her father’s voice was deadly, but Toni was beyond caring. “You will obey me in this or I will reduce your allowance to nothing.”

“It’s already nothing.” Toni made a face. “I don’t take money from you. Mama left me an inheritance. If I’m careful, I won’t ever have to take anything from you again!”

She could see her father’s temper beginning to boil, but for the first time it didn’t scare her. He couldn’t do anything else. Her mother was dead. Toni was utterly alone in the world. Her heart felt as shattered as the stupid crystal vase.

Reaching for another missile, her fingers touched the heavy weight of a paperweight made of a geode her father had picked up somewhere. This was his office, but she would reduce it to a wrecked mess if he kept her in here much longer.

“Toni. Don’t.”

The paperweight met the same fate as the vase. The colored rock and volcanic glass cracked into a dozen pieces that littered the floor near her father’s feet. He glared at Toni as the door banged open and four of his men stormed inside the office.

“Boss?” Pyotr raised an eyebrow.

Her father gave her a look of distaste. “Toni is just throwing a tantrum. She would do well to remember that I have the power to marry her off to whomever I choose.” His lip curled with barely concealed derision. “Perhaps I shall marry you to Pyotr. He could keep you in hand.”

Toni could see by Pyotr’s expression that the man had zero interest in being saddled with Toni. None of her father’s men would consider that a boon. Not even when her father—Boris Rustikov—was the leader of a powerful Russian mafia syndicate. The connection wouldn’t be worth the trouble she would cause. And Toni was proud of that.

“Why?” Toni sneered. “Is Pyotr going to murder me the same way you murdered my mother?”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Boris waved his hand, his tone dripping arrogance. “I didn’t murder your mother, you stupid girl. She killed herself. It was a senseless, tragic accident.”

“She wouldn’t have done that!” Toni shouted. “She wouldn’t have left me alone with you! You killed her. I know it!”

“Go to your room,” Boris snapped. “I grow tired of your ranting.”

“I’m leaving.” Toni narrowed her eyes to slits. “I already told you that. I don’t even know why I bothered to tell you. I’m twenty three years old. You have no power over me.”

“I am your father.” He drew himself up until he was standing tall at every bit of his five foot six inches. Toni still had three inches on him. Not that he seemed to realize what a short, fat bastard he was. He pointed at her. “You will stay here. You will not leave. You’re grounded for the rest of the month.”

“Are you kidding?” Toni actually laughed. “You can’t stop me. Even if you lock me in my room you can’t stop me. I don’t care what you say or what you do. You murdered my mother and now your power over me is gone.” She deliberately turned her back to him to show him just how little respect she had for him. At the last second she turned and looked over her shoulder. “Too bad you’re too stupid to realize when you’ve lost.”

“That’s it!” Boris’s voice rose two octaves in pitch, making him sound like a teenaged boy having a fit. “You’re marrying Pyotr.”

“Boss?” Pyotr murmured. “I’m married.”

“What?” Boris rolled his eyes. “Yakov then.”

“He’s also married.” Pyotr was looking very uncomfortable. “I believe Uday is still single.”

“Uday then!” Boris snarled. “She’ll marry Uday before the week is out.”

“The hell I will.” Toni stormed out of her father’s office, heading for the front door of the house.

“Miss Rustikov, you cannot leave.” Yakov and three of her father’s other men stood in her way.

Toni walked around them. They wouldn’t dare touch her. Not even to grab her in order to keep her in the house. She marched a half circle around them and wove her way toward the front door. She wasn’t exactly dressed for going out in her jeans and sweater with her trendy boots, but out was where she wanted to be. She needed somewhere to sit and think. Either that or she was going to lose her mind and do something stupid—like shoot her father in retaliation for what he’d done to her mother.