This Isn't You, Baby(68)

By: K Webster

Three minutes.

“You getting in or what, tigress?”

I let out a squeak and set the test down with a clatter. “Yep!”

He launches into a story about his dad, but I’m too zoned out to listen.

One word.

One word.

One word.


Tears well in my eyes and elation floods through me. I’m not sure what I expected, but overwhelming excitement wasn’t it. We’re pregnant. Holy shit. Vee is going to freak out when she finds out.


He pops open the shower door and furrows his brows in concern. The god of a man is all perfectly chiseled lines and grooves. A distinct ‘v’ on his lower abdomen paves the way straight down to his thick cock. Even flaccid, the man’s dick is beautiful. When my gaze rises back to his handsome face, he’s smirking at me.

My God, that smirk.

It kills me.

“Someone’s hungry for more than that seafood restaurant I found us,” he says in a smug tone.

I laugh and join him in the warm spray. He hauls me into his arms kissing me sweetly on the top of the head.

“Duvan,” I start but then chicken out.

He grips my chin and tilts my head up to look at him. “Out with it, mi amor.”

His black hair is slicked back and his eyelashes seem darker and longer now that they’re wet. Water races down his temple. My mouth waters to lick it right from his cheek.

“I’m pregnant.”

I’m beaming at him, but his smile falls the moment I say the words. Dark brows furl together in what seems like an angry manner. Panic wells inside of me because this was not the reaction I was expecting.

“S-say something,” I choke out. He becomes a blur as my emotions get the better of me.

His hands slide into my partially wet hair. I’m dragged toward him so that his mouth can consume mine. He kisses me hard enough to make my heart nearly stop beating. The kiss is so passionate and filled with love, I feel it with every fiber of my being.

“Are you happy?”

His nose nuzzles against mine. “Tigress, I’m fucking thrilled. Thank you for giving me a baby. You two will never want for anything.”

I’m hoisted into his arms, and he’s sliding me over his erect cock. He pushes me up against the shower wall while he fucks me. All the while whispering promises of a perfect life together.

“You’re safe now,” he coos into my ear.

And I am safe.

I’ll never be able to express the gratitude I have for him saving me from Esteban. The addiction I was forced to endure was something I could have so easily succumbed to. Had it not been for Duvan’s fierce need to protect, I could still be in that dark vortex Esteban sucked me into. That overwhelming urge to keep me safe is what ultimately birthed this love between us. When everyone else abandoned me, was stolen from me, or betrayed me, Duvan was there to defend me. It was his arms that held me together when I felt like I’d break.

He’s my rock.

Strong. Powerful. Unwavering.

“I love you, tigress,” he murmurs as I climax fiercely in his arms. “Don’t you ever forget that.”

I’m too drunk on him and his words to respond. He spills his seed into me. When it runs back out, he steals my heart forever.

I love you too, Duvan.

“You sure you’re ready to tell them?” he questions. “Even him?” The slight twinge of disgust makes me smile. Duvan is jealous of Ren. While Ren and I have remained friends, my heart belongs to my husband.

“Aside from you, they’re my only family. I want them to know we’re expecting.”

He nods as he sets up the computer so we can await their call. I greedily take the package of red licorice he had shipped here from his hands. While I smack on the candy, he fiddles with the DVD player. Soon, we’re curled up watching Dirty Dancing. It reminds me of my daddy. Of times we spent together watching this very movie.

But it also brings back memories of Esteban.

Of the basement.

The heated bliss and the strange pleasure he forced on me.

Each and every time I think of Duvan’s older brother, a sense of hot excitement surges through me. My heart does an actual leap in my chest. That is…

Until my disgust catches up to me.

The horror of what I’d become…

Of what I let him do…of what I begged him to do…

It all crashes down around me, squashing any sense of peace in my world.

Instead of explaining to Duvan why I don’t want to watch one of my favorite movies, I let him tug me up beside him on the couch. We cuddle in each other’s arms while we wait. It’s only been a few days since I took the test, but he talks to my belly all the time. My world is completely calm and serene and so damn happy when that man’s lips are pressing kisses to my stomach. When he’s whispering to his baby in my stomach. When he’s loving the both of us so hard it makes my heart ache.