This Isn't You, Baby(67)

By: K Webster

I crack a smile at him. “I still want a sister.”

His eyes shine and once again he flits his gaze down the beach. “Maybe one day you’ll have one, kiddo.”

He says his words with such sureness, I can’t help but believe him. Maybe I will one day.

“Ally says her daddy isn’t nice,” I tell him, my voice soft—so soft it almost gets lost in the sound of the waves crashing close by. “He must not love her if he isn’t nice.”

“Is that so?”

I look up at him and see that his frown matches mine. “Will you always love me?”

He takes my hand and narrows his eyes at me. “Brie,” he assures me. “I’ll always be your daddy. I’ll always love you no matter what. And if…” He scrubs at his face, rubbing sand across his skin. “If anything should ever happen and I’m taken away from you, don’t forget that. I will always try to be the best man I can for you, baby girl. Don’t let anyone ever tell you I don’t love you. No matter what they say I’ve done or what I’m capable of. My love for you never wanes. I’ll always do what needs to be done to protect you.”

His words are sad, and they make me sad too. I start to cry. He coos and pulls me into his lap. My daddy hugs me until I stop sobbing about stuff I don’t understand.

“Love is strange, baby. It comes in all different forms and sizes. Sometimes it makes sense like the love I have for you and your mom. Other times, it’s confusing. Sometimes you have love for a person that doesn’t even know you. One day, you’ll find yourself all twisted up over love. It’ll make your heart hurt and your mind messy. But, sweet girl,” he says in a fierce tone, “don’t ever let it get away. You deserve love. And in this family…” He chuckles and lets out a tired sigh. “In this family, we do some crazy things for love. In this family, we don’t let love go.”

I’m still lost in lingering thoughts of my dad when Duvan clutches my hand.

“I’m sorry, mi amor.”

Shrugging, I swallow back the tears that are threatening to spill. “I just wish he’d have held true to his promise. He let me go, Duvan.”

He sits us up and takes my cheeks in his hands. The almost black usual irises have turned purple in the sunlight. I could stare into his eyes all day long.


I frown. He hardly calls me by my name. “What?”

“One day you need to forgive him. He fucked up, tigress. But maybe…” he trails off and brushes a kiss on my lips. “Maybe love started to get confusing. I mean, love is a complicated little fuck. Back when we first met you, I’d have never imagined falling so hard for someone my father wanted me to marry. Yet I did. And did you ever envision yourself with the likes of me?”

My lips curve into a smile. “No. Not at all.”

He takes my wrist and kisses my now healed tattoo. Each time he does it, it sends ripples of electricity straight to my heart. “Come on,” he says with a chuckle. “Let’s get showered and dressed. I’ll take you out to dinner. We’ve still yet to fatten your skinny ass up.”

I laugh for his benefit, but my belly does a flop. I am gaining weight even though he doesn’t seem to notice. My stomach is pudgier than normal, and my boobs even seem to have grown. I don’t want to get his hopes up unless I know for sure, but I missed my period. A huge part of me is scared shitless about the possibility I could be pregnant. After the heroine addiction and the hell I endured with Esteban, I slept with Duvan without protection. It had been days since I’d taken my birth control and I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to remember to take it.

What if I am pregnant?

The smaller, slightly braver part of me, is secretly excited. And in about fifteen minutes, I’ll have my answer. Earlier today while Duvan napped, I walked down to the drugstore to buy a test. He’d woken up when I came back so I hid the test in my purse until another time.

Now’s the time.

We make it inside our beachside house rental and he makes a beeline for the shower, peeling clothes off along the way. I can’t help but grin as his muscled ass tightens with each step away from me. Duvan is nothing but sheer tattooed muscle. I’ve licked every inch of him and my mouth waters for more.

There’s no way I’m not pregnant.

I’ve never been so horny in all my life.

The shower turning on springs me into action. I find the test and slip into the bathroom behind him. He’s already stepped into the shower so I do my business while he rambles on about a seafood restaurant he found online that he wants to try. I mutter the appropriate answers while I undress and wait for the test.