The Cowboy Way(57)

By: Anna Alexander

“Magpie, these are grown men who all have their own kitchens in their quarters. Come on.” If he had to get on his knees and beg, he would. “I’ve been wanting to get you in the back of my truck something fierce.”

She worried her lip, making it puffy and kissable. While he was distracted, she plucked the keys from his belt with lightning-quick reflexes and ran down the hall. “I drive!” she shouted.

“Like hell,” he roared.

Greta was halfway across the driveway before he caught her around the waist and tossed her over his shoulder. The little she-devil worked her hand between his skin and his jeans to pinch him in delicate places.

“Stop it, woman, or I’ll drop you on your head.” He punctuated the threat with a tap on the butt that made her giggle.

He dumped her in the cab with a scowl that quickly melted in the face of the pure love and joy that radiated on her face as she smiled up at him. He couldn’t wait to show her again just how much he loved her.

After jumping in on his side, he pressed a firm kiss to her willing lips, thanking his lucky stars to be given a second chance.

“Buckle in, baby doll. I’m about to give you the ride of your life,” he warned before tearing off down the road, leaving nothing but laughter and dust behind them.

* * *

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