The Billionaire's Surprise Babies

By: Sophia Lynn

Chapter One

Around seven o'clock, the head housekeeper, Mrs. O'Donnely, had taken a suspicious look at the job Jordan had done on the silverware, inspecting every edge and tine as if it had potentially offended her. Throughout the examination, Jordan had kept her hands clasped in front of her and her eyes downcast as if she were a demure young woman who feared nothing but the disappointment of her betters. At the very least, keeping her eyes down meant that no one was going to see her rolling them.

Finally, Mrs. O'Donnely had nodded, a gracious gesture that was grudging but sincere.

"All right, this will do. Well done, then, Miss Matthews. You are dismissed for the evening."

Jordan had smiled that humble smile that she had gotten so good at and headed for her room. If any one of the other ten servants of Waverly Manor had seen her, they would have seen a young woman who was relieved to be finally falling into her place, getting her feet underneath her at the stately house. They wouldn't have seen the way her mind was clicking and firing like a precise clockwork mechanism, barely restrained from planning her next move.

Finally, finally, she thought. It's about goddamn time.

In the two weeks since she had started at Waverly Manor, home of the esteemed Everett family of Tennessee, she had fallen into bed exhausted. The household standards were exacting, as Mrs. O'Donnely said so often, and as the newest maid, she was going to be held to them with great severity.

She supposed it said something about the Everetts that they liked to keep house as if they were still in the Victorian era. Servants lived on site with room and board provided, there was a black and white maid's uniform that had to be tailored to her curves, and a full-time obligation.

"Many girls would be happy for this place," the housekeeper had impressed upon her. "Several have used their place to keep them as they went to night school, and some have been given impressive bonuses for faithful service."

"Oh, school," Jordan had sighed as if she had always dreamed of such a thing. "That would be so amazing."

She had tried college, but she’d flunked out for lack of money and interest after a single semester. Of course, if Mrs. O'Donnely went looking, she would find nothing of the sort. The man whom Jordan had gotten to set all this up had been very thorough when it came to giving her a past that would get her a place at Waverly Manor, and a history of flunking school was right out.

Flumping down in the narrow twin bed in her room in the servants' quarters—dear God, this place had servants' quarters. What the hell was up with that?—Jordan had to admit to herself that this was already a little more difficult than expected.

She hadn't expected it to be easy at all. The Everetts were perhaps the most powerful family in eastern Tennessee, rich in cash and political connections, and no one had ever taken them down before. She hadn't expected it to be easy, but that was before she spent eight hours scrubbing baseboards and moving around heavy furniture so she could vacuum underneath it. That was before she was introduced to what must have been a good forty pounds of silver and told that it was her responsibility to polish it.

Lying in her bed, Jordan listened to the sounds of the household settling in. There were two other maids she worked with along with Mrs. O'Donnely and an actual butler who saw to company and other matters that she was not clear on. There were a number of men who saw to the grounds, at least two men who saw to the stables, and someone to look after the car.

The amount of wealth that flowed through Waverly Manor dizzied her, and if she thought about it for too long, Jordan would only start to get angry, and that wasn't something that she could afford. Instead, she had to stay focused. She had to concentrate. She had . . . to nap.

Jordan made a face because she was always a girl who wanted to go. She wanted things to happen fast and she wanted things to be on her terms, but if she indulged in that right now, she was going to get thrown out on her ear, or worse, arrested.

Though a part of her wanted nothing more than to pace in her little room until the time came when she could act, she stripped to the skin. In another life, she would have thrown her uniform on the ground and avoided worrying about it until she woke up, but Jordan the maid was meticulous, loved order, and couldn't bear to leave a thing out of place. God, she was beginning to hate Jordan the maid. Instead, she hung up her uniform, and dressed in nothing other than a pair of black panties, she stretched out on the bed. At twenty-three, Jordan was plush and curvy, with wide hips, a surprisingly small waist, and round breasts. The uniform that they had given her hung at strange angles until tutting, Mrs. O'Donnely had had it altered for her. It fit better now, and even if it looked just a little fetishy to Jordan's gaze, well, at least she wasn't doing anything like serving in front of company or anything like that.