The Billionaire and the Virgin

By: Bella Love-Wins



D ahlia’s been mine since the second I saw her.

My doll.

She opened her mouth to whisper something, but I stop her by taking her lips for the kiss I’ve been waiting all week to give her. I wrap a hand around her waist, gripping the small of her back as my tongue parts her lips. She molds to my chest as much as she can with her bindings, yielding to each swish of my tongue as I explore every contour of her mouth. Tasting her for the first time is more intense than I expect. I want to cover every inch of her body with mine and impale her hard without holding anything back.

Moving deeper into the kiss, I support my weight with one arm and stretch out beside her. She can’t turn to face me, but she does what she can with her legs, sliding one up and down between my ankle and calf through my pants. I have to pull away, so that I don’t end up ripping off my clothes and burying my cock deep inside of her.

The entire night is ahead of us, so I plan to pace myself and taste every inch of her before I fuck her hard.

I pull apart from our kiss, and smile as she takes a

breath and runs her tongue over my bottom lip, eager to continue. I’m just as ready to devour those lips again.

Raising off the bed, I move to the spot between her knees, parting them to make room as I bury my hands into her long, raven tresses, and tilt her head up sharply, crashing my mouth over her lips.

Her feet slide up the bed, and she presses her thighs against the outside of my legs. Heat radiates from her center and in an instant, I’m rock hard. Gripping her back with one hand, I lower my torso and hips to her body, letting my full weight rest on her as I grind my cock at her barely legal pussy, separated only by my boxers and slacks.

Dahlia is hardly breathing, surviving on the lungful of air we share, and manages a whimper that sounds like words. I want to stifle out the sound, to keep this kiss going, but she repeats the words.

“Sorry, what?” I ask, pulling from her mouth to let her speak.

“I said, I haven’t been with a man…like this. I just wanted you to know.”

There’s no stopping the ringing in my ear that sounds like I’m in the middle of a room during a five-alarm blaze.

Lifting up off her torso, I study her face. “Did you just say you’re a—”

“A virgin,” she answers, finishing my sentence. “Yes.


A slew of questions starts to surface, along with two urges fighting each other in every single cell in my body.

The one hardwired to my dick wants to end her virgin status right this second. Right here in my bed.



“Be good, you hear? Or there won’t be any special treats for my darlings. Give me a kiss, babies. Give Mommy a kiss. I love you all.”

Is Vivian ever going to leave?

I nod repeatedly with a polite smile lifting my lips. This is my attempt to keep a look of professionalism on my face as my part-time boss, Vivian Chandler, lowers to the floor to dole out embraces and kisses to her little ones in the hallway outside her penthouse condo front door.

Well, not all so little. She still babbles on and on to me with instructions about her fur babies before she flies off for a three-week trip to Europe. Preston, one of the more senior condo concierge staff, waits patiently with her mountain of designer suitcases stacked on a shiny gold-plated rolling luggage rack at the elevator on the opposite wall.

After some more cuddling, the pampered pooches go back to what they were doing. Vivian rests her Salvatore Ferragamo designer handbag on the threshold and starts to put on her plush, all-cream fur coat. That’s progress.

“All the emergency numbers are in the email I sent

you, and in the top drawer beside the fridge,” she reminds me again. “And upstairs in the dogs’ room.”

“I’ve got them right here in my cell,” I tell her, pulling my phone from the pocket of my sweatpants. “And the dog monitoring app is installed from the last few times I was here. Even while I’m on campus, I’ll know what they’re up to, and I’ll be close enough to get here fast if they need anything.”

“Great, and don’t hesitate to put them up in their playroom if you’re at school for more than a couple of hours. It’s one of the few doors Daisy still can’t open on her own. Just remember to fill the food and water dispensers, and they’re all set to stay in there for a while.”