The Alpha Takes a Mate(9)

By: Sam Crescent

“I don’t want this,” she said.

He picked up her wrist. “It’s already begun. To other species of the paranormal community, this is a brand. To a point you’ll be safe.”

“What do you mean ‘to a point’?”

Raymond let out a sigh. “Brandon is a very powerful man. He’s the alpha of the Northern Forest pack. There are many who would see his downfall.”

“And I’d be the price of his downfall?” she asked, seeing his point.

“Yes. You’ve got to take extra care.” Raymond kissed her head. “I’m proud of you.”

She left him to his work. How was she going to get through the ceremony knowing his pack would hate her?

It doesn’t matter. You’ve got to do what you’ve been told.

Chapter Four

Brandon walked out of her house needing the fresh air to clear his mind. He couldn’t focus with her close by. Her strawberry and vanilla scent masked everything else to him. Several of his pack stared at him. The men stared at him with respect while the women stared at him with lust. He ignored their lustful stares. Lewis, Darcy, and Drake stood waiting for him a few feet from the diner.

“Did it go well?” Darcy asked.

“Raymond likes me. He knows what is at stake if anything happens to her. He’ll protect her. Tonight I want to organise her protection detail. Guards will be placed around her,” he said. There was no way he’d risk his mate.

“She’s human,” Drake said. “What kind of threat is she going to pose?”

“Because of her being human, she’s vulnerable. We’ve got witches, warlocks, vampires, and bears coming to Grace Hill. I don’t want them to be tempted in bringing me down because of her.” Brandon kept walking. Layla was wiping down tables as the got inside the diner. There were no customers, and the diner usually closed early on the full moon.

“How is Elle?” Layla asked.

He liked her for the way she took notice of his mate. Her gaze moved to Lewis before returning to his. “She’s good. Why wasn’t her birthday celebrated here?” he asked.

“E-Elle wanted to go back to the city. We met up with a couple of her friends. Not all of the humans get their birthday celebrated,” Layla said.

“What friends?” he asked.

“Some of the people she’d kept in contact. A couple of guys and girls.”

His hackles rose at the thought of another man touching her, wanting her.

“You may leave. I’ve ordered her to remain home until the feast. Make sure she stays there. If anything happens to her, I’ll come to you.”

She nodded and left without looking back. He found Daisy slamming lids down on pots. Her glare shot toward him.

“So, you’ve decided to pay this wolf a visit?” she asked.

Lewis, Darcy, and Drake started to chuckle. He shot them a glare before moving closer to one of the oldest females in his pack. Her mate had petitioned for the humans, and he had great respect for her. If it wasn’t for her age she’d be the strongest of the females.

“I’m sorry. I was taking care of my mate.”

The lid on the far pot slammed down. Daisy turned on him with her arms folded. “You’ve taken a human for a mate?”

“The fates have deemed a human my mate,” he said.

“That pretty much means you wish she wasn’t human.”

“You’re very protective of Elle.” He stared at the woman before him. She wasn’t afraid of him, never had been.

“You can stare at me all you want, Brandon. I changed your diapers for you. That’s how old I am, and fuck yeah, I’m protective of Elle. She’s an amazing woman and a damn good worker. If you’re anything like your father you’ll have her around you all the time. I like her and want her here.”

Brandon chuckled, and pride filled him. Daisy was a pack member, and hearing her thoughts of Elle would help the others to agree to her.

“I’m not going to stop Elle from working here.”

“Yet! Your father said the exact same thing to your mother. She ended up pregnant with you and by his side for the rest of it. Being the alpha’s mate is a full time occupation.” Daisy walked away to grab some spices off the shelf.

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