The Alpha Takes a Mate(6)

By: Sam Crescent

“What is the meaning of this?” she asked, keeping her arms folded.

“Why don’t you look me in the eye when you talk to me?”

Turning away from him she glared out of the window. She couldn’t deal with this. Brandon, the alpha of the Northern Forest pack and leader of their town, had taken her from her place of work, and she was supposed to be his mate.

My dad is going to fucking kill me.

“Leave us, Darcy,” Brandon said.

Seconds later the door was closed shut. She didn’t hear him move but sensed him stood behind her. His breath against her neck, brushing the fine hairs with each exhale.

“I take it Darcy told you what you are?” he asked.

“Besides human you mean?”

He chuckled. His hand stroked down her arm. Goosebumps erupted along her arm from his touch. Her nipples tightened from his closeness, and her pussy melted from the sound of his voice. She shouldn’t be reacting this way. No man left her feeling this way.

Brandon isn’t just a man.

Elle cut off the thought and continued staring out of the window.

“You’re my mate, Elle.”

Biting her lip Elle shook her head. “No, that’s not possible. I refuse to accept it.”

“Why fight what is natural between us?” he asked.

She laughed. “Why fight it?” she asked. “There’s a fucking list why to fucking fight it.” Elle was cursing a lot. When she was nervous she cursed, or when she felt trapped she cursed. Brandon made her nervous, and he had her trapped between his body and the window.

Chapter Three

Elle looked really cute when she was angry. Brandon couldn’t help but be charmed by her. Her arms were folded underneath her impressive rack. He wanted to turn her around so he could watch her lose her temper.

“Then why don’t you tell me what the problems are?” he asked.

She turned to him. Her hazel eyes glanced into his gaze but then stared past his shoulder. He frowned. Why didn’t Elle ever look him in the eye?

“You’re old,” she said.

“What?” he asked, struggling to contain the roar inside him.

“I’m only twenty-one, but you’re what? Fifty or something. You’re old.”

He glared at her, angry at her words. Her hands shook as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Yes, he was nearing over fifty in age, but he looked no older than thirty. Werewolves and most of the sectors in the paranormal community aged slowly when they grew into their powers or ability. Witches were known for being thousands of years old but not looking a day over twenty-five.

Running a hand down his face, he waited for her to continue.

“I don’t know you.”

“I’m Brandon, your alpha of the Northern Forest pack.”

“I’m not part of the pack. I’m also human. I’m not a wolf, and I’ll never be a wolf.” She glanced down at her bandaged wrist. He followed her gaze. “Unless, the movies are right and I can be turned from your bite.”

He smirked. “The movies are wrong. You’re not going to turn into a wolf.”

“Good. I don’t think I could handle that.” One of her hands went to her neck. He watched the movement wondering what the problem was.

“What else?” he asked.

“Besides age, human, and our general lack of knowledge about each other?”

He nodded.

“I guess you can add the fact you have no respect for human women to the mix.”

Brandon turned his gaze back to her at her last comment. “What?”

“I’ve seen the way you treat human women, and the same goes for the men of your pack. You don’t give a shit about us. You use us and then throw us away like trash. You only treat your pack females with respect.”

Feeling his anger tighten, Brandon took a step away. Her scent followed him regardless.

“The excuses you give are pointless,” he said.


“Yes, pointless. You’re my mate, Elle. You’ve got to accept that.”

“I don’t have to accept anything from you. I’m not your mate. I don’t feel anything for you.”

He’d seen her hard nipples and scented her creamy pussy. Her mind might not like being mated to him, but her body loved it. Closing the distance between them, Brandon pressed her against the wall.

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