The Alpha Takes a Mate(5)

By: Sam Crescent

Now, his wolf was part of him. He’d been born a wolf and learned to listen to his wolf. Several of the pack members didn’t connect with their wolf and held little control over their temper. His father taught him to accept his wolf and learn to act as one with his wolf.

Staring at his reflection, Brandon wondered what he’d done to the fates in order to displease them. A human mate had to be retribution for something.


Throbbing in her wrist woke Elle up. She rubbed at her eyes with the hand that didn’t hurt.

“Be careful. Don’t move,” a male voice said.

She started and turned to see Darcy wrapping her wrist in a plain white bandage. The man was glaring down at her hand. The sheet where her arm had been resting was stained red with her blood.

“What happened?” she asked, rubbing her eyes. She never wore makeup and didn’t have to worry about smearing the stuff over her face.

“Do you want the long story or the short one?” He finished wrapping her wrist before placing her hand down on the bed. She sat up bringing her knees against her chest.

“I want the truth.”

He let out a sigh. “The truth is simple. You’re mated to Brandon, the alpha that makes you his. The bite on your wrist is the first part of the claiming.”

“What?” she asked, staring at him in shock.

Had he lost his mind? Her being mated to Brandon was completely insane. She didn’t even know the man.

You don’t even like him.

“There has to have been some mistake,” she said.

“No mistake. Brandon and his wolf scented you from the kitchen. The bite is uncontrollable. You’re Brandon’s mate.”

Moving toward the edge of the bed, Elle tried to blank out his words. There was no way she was his mate. She refused to accept it.

She stood up then made her way to the door.

Darcy stopped her from leaving the room.

“What are you doing?” she asked, confused by him keeping her locked in the room.

“I can’t let you go out there.”

“Why the hell not? I’ve got to see my father, and I need to be at the diner working,” she said.

His arm shot out stopping her once again. “Alpha’s orders. You’re not allowed to leave.”

Elle pushed at his arm. Darcy didn’t budge. Throwing her arms up in defeat she walked over to the bedroom window. She saw the town preparing for the feast after the pack had their run.

Folding her arms she stared out of the window.

“You’re not planning to jump, are you?” Darcy asked.

Turning to him, she glared. “I’m not that fucking weak.”

He grunted. She heard the wooden bed creak under his weight and did everything she could to ignore him.

“So, how does it feel being Brandon’s mate?” he asked after several minutes of silence passed.

“I don’t know. Inconvenient. A pain in the ass. Why don’t you pick one?”

She kept her back to him hoping to stop him from talking.

“It doesn’t matter what you think. You’re his mate, and I suggest you start thinking about that,” Darcy said.

Annoyed with his attitude and being taken from the diner, Elle whirled around glaring at him.

“I don’t even know Brandon. I’ve never known him other than to know who he is. There is no way I’m his mate. He made a mistake. I’m human, remember?”

“How could we forget?” Brandon said.

She turned to the sound of his voice. The man in question stood in the doorway blocking the entire exit. He wore a pair of loose jeans and nothing else. His upper body was on glorious display, and what a display it was. Tribal tattoos covered his thick arms. The tats did nothing to disguise his muscles. They were huge and could crush many of his opponents. She’d heard a lot of rumours about his strength. Some said Brandon could crush another wolf with the strength in his arms alone. She chose not to believe that rumour.

His abs were tight, and she spotted the six pack. Turning her gaze away from the delight of his body she glared at his face. His face was as amazing to look at as his body, apart from his eyes. The colour of his eyes scared her. His eyes appeared black to her, and they startled her when they looked at her. She stared past his shoulder as that seemed to be the safest place to look.

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