The Alpha Takes a Mate(4)

By: Sam Crescent

“No one breathes a word of this,” he said to the room. Everyone in the diner was a member of the pack. They all nodded in agreement.

“Tonight’s the full moon, Alpha. You’re not going to keep her safe like this,” Drake said.

Brandon glared at his beta. He didn’t need to hear any of the problems that having his mate come to him on the night of the full moon meant.

“I’m taking her to my home. Is there a back entrance I can take her?” Brandon asked. He lived at the far end of the town, which lay next to the forest.

“You can’t take her,” Layla said.

Lewis muttered in her ear. The other woman sobbed. “Go through the kitchen,” she said.

“You stay and talk with Daisy, Lewis. None of this leaves the diner, understood?”

Once everyone agreed, Brandon carried her out toward the kitchen. Darcy and Drake flanked him as he made his way up to his home. She felt amazing in his arms. The blood from her wrist dripped onto the floor as they went.

“You’re going to have to bandage that up,” Drake said.

Apart from those words, nothing else was said.

Brandon kept staring down at the woman destined to be his. Her short brown hair was caught up in a ponytail. Some hairs had escaped framing her face. He’d seen beautiful hazel eyes as she stared at him in shock and then in horror. Brandon wanted to see those eyes staring at him with lust and pleasure.

Her heart-shaped mouth called to be kissed. His lips tingled with the need to see how her lips would feel against his own. He pushed the craving aside. Drake opened the door and Brandon went straight upstairs, placing her on his large bed.

Lori wasn’t around, which he was thankful for. Now that his mate had entered his life there would be no other woman for him.

Placing her on the bed, Brandon stared down at her. His gaze moved down her body taking in every swell and curve. The uniform she wore did little to hide her large tits and narrower waist. He loved a woman with real curves, and Elle had real curves. Her hips were large, and he could see himself holding onto their width while he fucked her. Her legs were thick. To a lot of men she’d be considered fat, but to him, Elle was perfect. Being a strong man and a wolf, he liked his sex rough. Elle would be able to take him and his passions. He felt relieved at knowing this.

Drake and Darcy stood by the door waiting for him.

“She’s human, Brandon,” Darcy said.

“I know.” Brandon stroked her hair, needing to touch her in some way.

“I can’t believe we were only talking about mates a few minutes before you sensed yours,” Drake said.

“I need to talk with Raymond, her father,” Brandon said, forcing himself to look away from her.

“I think you need to talk with your mate first,” Darcy said. “Human mates are not always the easiest, Alpha. Listen to reason.”

Brandon growled in response. Gazing down at his human mate, Brandon saw the value in his friend’s words.

He couldn’t believe he’d mated with a human. Staring down at her pretty face the full force of what just happened hit him in the stomach.

Elle Smith was human. She was fragile, and he was a mate who was supposed to supply an heir to take over his pack. Stepping away from her, Brandon felt defeated. She was … breakable.

How could he have mated to a woman who could be taken away from him so easily?

“I need to go for a run,” Brandon said. He pushed past his men and charged downstairs heading toward the door.

“What do you want us to do when she wakes up?” Drake asked.

He stopped as he opened the door. Staring up the stairs, he saw the concern on both of their faces.

“Tell her she can’t leave by order of the alpha.” He didn’t turn back. Brandon headed toward the trees. He needed to run in order to clear his mind. Without removing his clothes, he turned into his wolf and headed toward the trees. He didn’t need the full moon to turn. None of his pack needed the full moon to become wolves, but they celebrated their traditions at the full moon.

Brandon ran down to the river, and he stared at his reflection in the water. A black wolf with fierce teeth snarled back at him. During his first turning, he’d been petrified. His father had talked to him throughout it, relaxing him and showing him everything was going to be okay.

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