The Alpha Takes a Mate(2)

By: Sam Crescent

Brandon lifted his hand for coffee. Immediately a human woman started serving him. Once she was gone, Brandon turned back to the other men. “I’m not mating Lori. She’s great to let off steam with, but other than that, not going to happen. I believe I’ll find my mate.”

The other three men grumbled. None of them had found their mates. A few of the lower ranking members of the pack had and were happily married. Glancing across the diner Brandon saw Matthew with his pregnant mate. Both were wolves, but neither of them was particularly violent. Brandon liked Matthew and was happy for both him and his mate. The love on the guy’s face was clear. Matthew stroked her arm with one hand while the other was wrapped around her neck. His woman was practically sitting in his lap.

He’d once asked Matthew what it was like being mated.

“It’s like having everything your heart desires. I live to see her smile, and when she smiles at me, my whole world is complete. I’ll do anything for her as long as she loves me at the end of the day.”

The guy sounded pussy-whipped, but as the years had gone on for Brandon, he wished with all of his heart he could know that same kind of peace.

Each of them had struggled to find their mate, and as the days passed it felt they were less likely to find the right woman for them.

“So, about the visit from the bears, witches, warlocks, and vampires, where are we at?” Brandon asked, changing the subject.

Every year he invited several members of each sector surrounding his town.

“The little cottage down by the lake is being refurbished and ready for them to sleep in,” Lewis said.

Brandon listened to Lewis and then froze in his seat as the most amazing scent invaded his sense. Strawberries and vanilla was what he smelt. Freezing to the spot he felt the wolf inside him roar and charge against his hard-won control.

“Alpha, what’s going on?” Drake asked.

From the use of his official title, Brandon knew his eyes had changed colour.

She’s here. Your woman, our mate is here for you to claim.

He’d never scented anything like it. Brandon closed his eyes as a great wave of peace settled over him.

His mate had come for him at last.


“Shit, I’m late. I’m so sorry,” Elle said. Her alarm decided to have a dead battery, and she’d slept through until ten.

“Don’t worry about it,” Layla said. She was another human female in the small community.

Elle had moved to Grace Hill when she was sixteen. Her family hated the city life and had petitioned to be part of the Northern Forest pack. She didn’t know where these names came from, but she wasn’t about to piss off the alpha by asking.

“Daisy hasn’t arrived yet. I’m sure she’ll be in a good mood,” Layla said, referring to their boss. Daisy was one of the oldest female werewolves in the pack. She wasn’t the strongest because of her years, but she scared the shit out of Elle.

“My dad has been driving me crazy about this visit from the other sectors,” Elle said. Her father, Raymond, was in charge of organising the visit in the next few weeks. She’d never been old enough to be part of the festivities. The alpha demanded that the humans be over twenty-one in order to participate. Her birthday was last week, and she had gone out of town to celebrate. Layla had been one of the people with her. Nothing ever happened at Grace Hill, but she never wanted to leave her home. Grace Hill had quickly become her home. The small school was amazing, and the teachers were a dream. The lack of bullying helped as well.

The only problem Elle saw was setting up a family of her own. None of the males available attracted her. Most of them were grumpy because they didn’t hold any special powers. She’d gone on a date with Gary Newman when she was twenty, and the entire night he’d complained about being normal. Elle listened to him the whole night telling her how inadequate she was because she didn’t have any great paranormal qualities. The date ended with her calling him a prick, and she’d punched him in the face.

“He’s riding you about it?” Layla asked, flipping pancakes on the grill.

“He’s not riding me about it. Dad won’t shut up about Brandon. Also, the feast tonight is a big deal. He doesn’t want me ruining the night by dumping a pot of stew in his lap or something.”

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