The Alpha Takes a Mate

By: Sam Crescent

Disaster of the Otherworld, 1

Chapter One

Brandon stared around his town square. All of his people were preparing for the festivities of the full moon. During the full moon his pack went out hunting and running wild in the surrounding forests, and when they came back they feasted. The humans who lived in their community prepared the meal for them. There were no lies or secrets in the small community of Grace Hill. The humans who lived with them were made aware of the creatures of the Otherworld. Several times witches, warlocks, bears, vampires and many other shifters had wandered through their town. His father before him had taken great pride in mixing with humans, and Brandon had carried on the tradition to honour his memory. Personally, he couldn’t stand the humans in his town. Sure, they were great to fuck, but they were far too fragile. He’d seen many of the men bleed from a single punch. Being strong was the skill to survival.

Taking over as the alpha meant he’d taken responsibility of the humans. Not all of them were bad. There were several humans he liked for entertainment purposes. Most of them were women, while a few men were great to have a drink with.

Inhaling the crisp morning air, Brandon moved along the town. Grace Hill was in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by miles upon miles of forests. There were several rivers and lakes, but the main community was in the only open space of the forests. His ancestors had made a deal with several warlocks and witches in order to blank the area from human knowledge. The spell created a protection spell that meant no human would ever try to tear down the neighbourhood. Most of the humans who passed through Grace Hill would either leave immediately because of the threat of danger or disappear if they caused any trouble. The few human families who stayed were petitioned in a vote by all pack members. On his last count over twenty human families lived amongst them in Grace Hill.

None of them caused any trouble, and that was the way Brandon wanted it. Letting out a sigh he watched all the tables being set. The full moon was tonight, and he felt the wolf inside him clawing to get out. Flexing his muscles he made his way toward the diner. Some of his pack loved creating new buildings, and one of those was the diner. He’d arranged for the equipment to be shipped in, so the cooks had everything to create great food. Brandon ran a tight ship, but no one complained when everyone got everything they needed: food, water, shelter, and entertainment.

If anything went wrong it fell back to him.

“What are you doing, Boss?” Drake, his beta, asked.

“I’m hungry.”

“Don’t you have a woman at the house?”

Brandon growled at him. Lori was the strongest female werewolf in residence. He’d been fucking her for several months, but the woman was demanding more. She wasn’t his destined mate. When he found the one, he’d know. There was no fighting the mating. He didn’t get the chance to choose which woman it would be. The fates decided who’d be perfect for him. Several years ago he’d gotten a tightening in his gut when he’d looked at a human woman. She’d been sixteen when she moved here. Elle Smith was her name.

“Lori not doing it for you anymore?”

Drake’s words irritated him. They were several feet from the entrance to the diner. He saw Darcy and Lewis, who were the other top members of the pack. All four of them were the strongest in the pack.

“She’s pissing me off.”

“Let me guess. She wants commitment?” Drake asked, opening the door to the diner.

“She wants to be mated. I can’t fucking mate with her. She’s got a great cunt, but other than that, I don’t fucking want her at my side.”

The scent of pancakes and bacon scented the air. Brandon walked over to where Darcy and Lewis were seated. Several other pack members were eating. He acknowledged them as he passed.

“You could do worse. Lori is the strongest bitch in the pack,” Drake said, taking a seat.

“You’ve got the bitch part right. Lori’s a nasty piece of work. If you put her in charge of the females, there’ll be trouble. She’s got no respect and no love inside her,” Darcy said, looking up from the newspaper he was reading.

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