Taking His Virgin(29)

By: Lila Younger

I thrust faster, and she squeezes her pussy around my cock like a vise. It drives me crazy every time she does it, and this time is no different. I thrust harder, my male need to dominate and claim what’s mine overtaking any rational thought until I hear her scream my name, a torrent of liquid coming out as she comes all around my cock. I pull her tight against me, swearing as I finish inside of her. I can feel my cock twitching as I coat her with heat, my eyes closing as I bathe in the warmth of my release. I don’t want to pull out. Instead, I slowly sit back, easing her with me until she’s on my lap. I push aside her hair and kiss the back of her neck gently.

“I love you Ava,” I say.

“I love you too James,” she says.

Ava leans her head back onto my chest, and I put my hands onto her belly. She’s mine, and this baby bump proves it, but sometimes I still can’t believe it.

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