Taking His Virgin(17)

By: Lila Younger

James continues kissing downwards, past my navel. I lift my head to look up at him. Is he? My legs snap shut.

“I’ve never- James. I’ve-”

“I know,” he says, easing my thighs apart again. “You’ve never had a man eat you out before have you?”

He gently undoes the button of my jeans, sliding it off with my panties of me. He showers my sensitive inner thigh with quick, light kisses, and I can’t help but gasp.

“No,” I say, my voice wavering. “I’ve never done any of this.”

James groans against my soft skin.

“That makes me so damn hard Ava,” he growls. “Knowing that you’ve never been touched. That this is all mine, and will only ever be mine.”

His mouth travels upwards, until he reaches my swollen pussy. Desire lights up his eyes as he opens me further apart, displaying my slick pink folds and my clit to him. A finger gently trails down one side before rising up the other, sending a shiver down my spine. I expect him to just eat me out, but he waits, blowing just a little on my clit. Pleasure ripples from the hard little nub, until he finally gives one long lick, entering my channel before sucking gently on my clit. I moan his name. I can’t help it, it just happens. It’s a good thing there’s nobody at home. He does it again, even deeper this time, his tongue flicking in and out of me. My hands grab onto his hair, pushing him forward. I want more of that feeling, that bliss.

“You taste so good, Ava,” he growls.

His finger pushes its way into me, sliding in and out. I can hear the juicy sound as he enters and stretches me, preparing me for him. I’m so tight even this feels like almost too much. His tongue works furiously with his fingers, sucking hard on my clit, until I can’t help it anymore, the waves of pleasure coming so quickly that it becomes a continuous sensation flooding my system, and I come, curling tightly together, grinding my hips into his face. I cry out his name, louder than ever. James takes it all, drinking greedily until the last of my pleasure ebbs away.

I hear a crinkle, and then he’s there, kissing me. I can taste myself on his lips, sweet and dirty and delicious all at the same time. He’s taken off his clothes, and his cock, dripping with precum, rests against my entrance. He teases me, sliding his hips so that his cockhead rubs my entrance and my clit. He’s impossibly big, more than I can take for sure. I’m not opening up to him, no matter how much I want it. Finally he grips onto his shaft, angling himself against me. I can see him, veiny and red and thick, and I swallow hard.

“Is this going to hurt James?” I ask, nervousness creeping into my voice.

“Just for a moment,” he says, covering my mouth in a kiss. “But then it’ll feel so good baby. So good. I promise.”

I close my eyes, trusting him. James pushes gently, then harder, until I finally yield to him. There’s a pop of pain, and tears come to my eyes, as he takes my cherry at last. The velvet heat of his cock piercing me, pushing deeper and deeper is exquisitely painful and wonderful at the same time. I gasp, trying to breathe, looking in amazement as we join together at last.

“Your virgin pussy’s so tight,” he groans as he sinks into me fully.

“It’s all yours.” I lift up to kiss him, letting him settle and widen me for himself. I feel so full, so complete with him inside of me at last.

James pulls out a little, giving a slow thrust so I can adjust to him before he begins to fuck me. I nod, letting him know that yes, it’s fine, and he moves again, a bit more this time. Each thrust feels like he’s filling me up again. I’m so wet that he’s able to slide with ease in and out of me, and my body is finally able to accommodate his girth. I lift myself up a little, so I can see him entering me. I bear down, tightening myself all around his cock and I’m rewarded.

“Oh God Ava,” he says through gritted teeth. “Your tight little pussy feels so good.”

He speeds up, his cock driving deep inside of me, hitting that spot that makes me moan louder. I try to hold on to him, my fingernails digging into his arms as he pounds into me relentlessly. I feel short on air, my brain forgetting everything but the pleasure that James delivers with every thrust. My whole body coils like a spring, tighter and tighter, until heat explodes through my body, rushing through my veins. My back arches up off the mattress, a cry escapes my lips and release myself to sheer pleasure. My orgasm sears through me, making me see stars where there aren’t any. My toes curl, bliss bordering on pain as James drives himself into me, making me come again and again.

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