Taking His Virgin(16)

By: Lila Younger

“My parents-”

“They’re gone for the day. Heading to Boston to buy new finishings. Your mother is very happy about it,” he murmurs. “We’ve got a few hours alone together.”

I let myself lean into his hand, craving his warmth already. When he takes it away, I feel untethered.

“You didn’t come last night.”

“Not because I didn’t want to. Because I did, Ava, more than anything.”

“Then what?” I ask, fighting back emotion.

James leans forward on the bench, hands clasped as he rests his elbows on his knees. He looks out towards the ocean.

“Your father. Our friendship is important to me. There’s a lot of things he’ll forgive, but telling him that I want his daughter? That I think about her all the time? I don’t think he’d forgive that so quickly.”

My eyes search his face to see if he’s telling the truth. James thinks about me. He wants me! I scream in my mind.

“I-I want you too,” I say quietly. “I always have.”

His chocolate eyes snap to mine.

“The only reason I’ve held myself back was because I didn’t think you could ever see me that way. As more than just an uncle, your father’s friend. I tried to stay away, but it didn’t matter. No matter how far I moved, you are the only woman in my mind. Nobody’s ever come close. And now, to find out that you’ve waited for me-”

“I’m still waiting for you James,” I whisper.

He leans forward, capturing my lips in a kiss, and I soften, melting into him. My hands reach up to cling onto his shirt, pulling him close. There is no other place in the world I’d rather be. I can’t lose this feeling again, I won’t. With James I feel like I have direction and purpose. I feel myself, without the pressures of what everyone wants me to be.

“Not out here,” he growls. He pulls me to my feet. “Not for your first.”

I stumble back through the French doors. Most of the guests are either gone, or out for the day, and Sarah is busy on the phone. Instead of using the main doors, I point to the ones that connect the dining room to our kitchen. That way we’re guaranteed not to be seen.

He pulls me through the door and his lips are on mine. It’s a forceful and hungry, nothing like our first one. I’m surprised to see that I’m kissing back with the same intensity. All that I was feeling earlier burns away, and I want James more than ever. I don’t know why I thought this was wrong; it feels anything but. Lust rushes through me like wildfire, settling in my core. I press my body against his feverishly, my lips parting so our tongues can dance together. His hands rake through my hair, and I break apart from him to gasp in air. His finger trails across my cheek.

“You’re beautiful Ava,” he whispers. “Absolutely gorgeous.”

His lips land on me again, on the hollow of my neck, across the tops of my breasts before reaching my lips again. My pussy aches with wetness, I can feel it soaking through my panties. I buck my hip against his, wanting to press closer to him, pushing the thoughts that this is wrong firmly out of my head. Our bodies sway together, and then he’s kissing me again.

“My room,” I say between kisses. “Come on.”

Even though my parents technically aren’t here, and Gary’s at school, I don’t want to risk anything stopping us this time. I lead James down the hallway to my bedroom. It looks childish to me, the lilac bedspread, the pink curtains, but he’s not focused on anything but me. We tumble onto the bed together, pausing only for a moment to take off our shirts. I run my hands across his smooth pecs, his defined abs. He looks seriously good. James lifts the hem of my top, hands skimming over me as he helps me out of it. With one hand he unhooks my bra, and I automatically lift my hands to cover up.

“You have nothing to be worried about,” James murmurs as he pushes my arm down. “Your breasts are perfect.”

He admires them for a full minute, just soaks it in. I give him a shy smile. It’s amazing how turned on I get just by the way he looks at me, devouring the sight of me. His hand gently cups my breast, thumbs circling my pink nipple until I moan. He gives them a pinch, just enough to spark electricity straight to my core. Who knew a little pain could feel so good? His mouth covers my other breast, sucking it into his mouth. I feel another gush between my legs. I wrap myself around him, pulling his denim covered erection flush against me. I want him, all of him, I know this for sure now. Everything in me is trembling for his touch, for him to fill that ache inside of me.

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