Taking His Virgin(14)

By: Lila Younger

In my mind I fuck her again, hard sharp thrusts as her walls constrict around me. My shaft throbs almost painfully as I quicken my speed. I think about the way her body collides against mine, as if she was trying to press every bit of herself against me. I think about how easy it could have been to throw her on the bed, slip into her slick channel, and take what’s mine once and for all. To feel her stretched tight around my cock, drawing me deeper into her until I come deep inside her body. I tighten my fist even more, my strokes slowing down as my balls tighten and release, sending spurts of come on myself. What a fucking mess, I think.

I sit up and strip off my clothes, then head into the tiny shower. I think it used to be a closet before the previous owners turned it into a bathroom. I turn on the cold water, letting it hit my lean body, shocking me out of my traitorous thoughts, or so I hope. Only the feelings I have aren’t so easily washed away. Already I’m thinking about Ava again.

“It was just a kiss. A harmless kiss,” I whisper, my voice lost under the roar of water.

And it can stay that way, as long as I keep my mitts off her. There’ll be a day or two of awkwardness, and then we can put it behind us, go back to the way things were. Whatever things were. Or maybe we could keep this a secret somehow, maybe it wouldn’t be so terrible to steal a kiss here and there...

“And if Bill catches us?”

It’s not like Selkirk House is that big of a place. Sure it’s got three floors, but Ava works here full time, and so will I. Her parents will put two and two together if we both disappear. But maybe that would be better, to finally have it out in the open, because I sure as hell haven’t gotten over her, not even after I moved so far away. Maybe that’s the only way I’ll stop, if everything around us is destroyed, if it comes out in the open at last. But I couldn’t do that to my best friend.

Besides, Ava is young, too young for me. She’s inexperienced, and she probably doesn’t know what the fuck she wants. For all I know she enjoyed the arousal, the kiss, more than who it was she was doing it with. It’s easy to get them all mixed up at first. For all I know, she’s already regretting what happened between us.

When I finally feel the last of my desire die down, I turn off the water. I dry off with a towel from the bathroom and throw my clothes back on. Then I run the tap, splashing cold water onto my face. I can think clearer now at least, as shameful as it is. My stomach rumbles from hunger. Breakfast seems like an eternity ago. A drive into town for lunch sounds like a good idea to me. I grab my keys and leave my room.

At the staircase, I bump into Sandra. The guilt inside me multiples as I think about what I was thinking about her daughter in my room just minutes ago. Good thing she’s too distracted to notice anything.

“You’re headed out?” she asks.

“Just for lunch. I saw a sign coming in about a seafood restaurant on the beach and got a craving for crab cakes. I figured you’d be busy and I didn’t want to trouble you to make me anything. What happened to Gary?” I ask. “I thought I heard him yelling.”

She throws her hands up.

“I don’t know what’s going on with him,” she says. “He’s always been a good student, but since he’s fallen in with the McKinley boy, he’s been nothing from trouble. If you told me six months ago that my son would be skipping class, I’d have laughed in your face. Now, I don’t know. I thought I’d only have to deal with one problem at a time, what with Ava refusing to go to college, but that would be too easy, wouldn’t it? Anyways, I don’t want to bore you to death with my troubles. I’ll see you later in the afternoon.”

“Sounds good to me. Once you and Ava have everything covered up, I can begin taking down the walls and seeing what we have behind them. Hopefully there isn’t anything like mold, or bad electrical to worry about.” Sandra gives me a worried look. “Don’t worry. It’s not uncommon in these old homes, so Bill and I already planned for that contingency.”

I start to go and she puts out a hand to stop me.

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