Sweet Miracle (Alpha Province #5)

By: Becca Van

Alpha Province: Sweet Miracle

Tamika Darnel’s life has turned upside down. Her father is suspected of committing suicide after allegedly embezzling funds from the company he’d built from the ground up. When she feels as if she’s being watched and someone breaks into her house, she’s scared. Tami runs from her home town of Las Vegas and ends up in Ambrose, North Dakota.

Zayn, Karter, and Jace Strike know that curvy Tami is their mate, but the wolf shifters are unsure how to go about courting her.

When the women of Ambrose find out that Tamika is a hairdresser, the three brothers, with the help of the other shifters in town, set up a hair salon for her virtually overnight.

Knowing she should be wary of such a generous gesture, Tami can’t help being attracted to the Strike brothers and trusts them more than she probably should.

Danger follows her to Ambrose and when she’s kidnapped, she’s not sure she’ll ever see her men again.


My name is Becca Van. I live in Australia with my wonderful hubby of many years, as well as my two children.

I read my first romance, which I found in the school library, at the age of thirteen and haven’t stopped reading them since. It is so wonderful to know that love is still alive and strong when there seems to be so much conflict in the world.

I dreamed of writing my own book one day but, unfortunately, didn’t follow my dream for many years. But once I started I knew writing was what I wanted to continue doing.

I love to escape from the world and curl up with a good romance, to see how the characters unfold and conflict is dealt with. I have read many books and love all facets of the romance genre, from historical to erotic romance. I am a sucker for a happy ending.


“Fucking cunt. Where the fuck are you?” Jeremy Browning shouted as he swept his arm over the contents on the desk, sending them scattering and crashing to the floor. He’d hired a mercenary to get that bitch, but she’d somehow managed to escape the stupid fucker’s clutches. He had to find her, or he’d never be able to maintain the lifestyle he was used to living.

He’d had to kill her father when the bastard had started asking questions, but he was smart enough to make it look as if the sanctimonious prick had committed suicide. Daniel Darnel was no more, and Jeremy had taken over running the company. He should have been able to take what he wanted, but he’d fucked up. He should never have made Daniel write that letter admitting to embezzling funds from the company, a real estate conglomerate, he’d built up from the ground. Now the IRS, feds and other law groups were going over the books with a fine-toothed comb.

Darnel hadn’t been innocent. He couldn’t prove it, but Jeremy knew the asshole had been skimming money off the top for years, but the fucker had been smarter than he’d been. Daniel hadn’t spent his money living the high life like Jeremy had but had hidden it away instead.

Now Jeremy was well and truly fucked. Both his and Darnel’s assets had been frozen, including their bank accounts as the fucking law tried to find out where all the cash had gone. They wouldn’t find any of that stolen loot in his name, but if they looked at his bank accounts and credit cards, he was going to end up behind bars. Every single penny he’d spent was recorded on his bank statements since the money he’d taken had been put directly into his bank account. He wished he’d been smarter and found another way to get his hands on that cash, but everything was just numbers in this day and age. If only businesses, banks and the like dealt in cash like they used to years ago.

He’d overheard one of the investigators saying that the stupid fucks thought Daniel was clean. Thank God they hadn’t seen him hanging around outside the large company building offices, or he might already be behind bars. He’d had the foresight to dress down and wear a hat to shadow his features.

Now here he was hiding in his sister and brother-in-law’s apartment, but from the looks he’d been getting from the pair, his time was almost up. The media had been in a frenzy over what he and Darnel had allegedly done. If his sister and her dweeb of a husband got sick of him hanging around, all they had to do was make a phone call and rat him out to the cops. Plus, it wouldn’t be long before the police came for a visit hoping to catch him.