She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

The American Soldier Collection 8: She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Ellie Morison has survived assault and the loss of her only family member, her uncle. Trusting men is complicated, and she avoids them by absorbing herself in her work. When she meets four brothers, things change. As one of their exes tries to stir some trouble, Ellie finds herself defending them, and the soldier, Hunter, an amputee with a look of anger and distrust in his eyes she can relate to and connect with.

Ellie finds herself starting to like the four men, Justice, Hunter, Mace, and Seno Lawson, who make her feel special and protected. As Justice investigates a series of murders, and suspects her latest client, a wealthy man who wants to bed Ellie, trouble emerges, and so does Ellie's past, threatening to destroy any hope of a happy ending.

They are all survivors, but it seems their last fight may do them all in as a serial killer’s determination is relentless, and these five lovers are still holding onto their pasts instead of the promise of what could be in their future, together.


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How do you take a chance when you’re so fearful? Can love really conquer all life throws at you, just as time tests everyone’s vulnerability? Can relying so much on others cause you to lose yourself? When the attraction is so strong, the bond incredibly pure, and the fears similarly shared by those you’re taking a chance on, is it worth it in the end?

Taking that chance, gaining that strength may help you face what’s yet to come. Having others alongside you, lending support, experiencing the same risks, may just be powerful enough to conquer it all.

Join Ellie, Mace, Hunter, Seno, and Justice as they face the demons of their pasts, and learn to take a chance on love, on vulnerability, and ultimately their last shot at happiness.

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Ellie Morrison walked into the board meeting with confidence and attitude. She’d landed this job because she was creative, thought out of the box, and loved people. Her boss, Ernest, was not easy to please. But when most rubbed him the wrong way, Ellie seemed to say and do exactly what he expected from a loyal, capable employee.

She still felt self-conscious when men checked her out or tried to flirt, and especially in the workplace. Her therapist, Kate Rutherford, told her it would take time for that anxiety to ease. It had been four months since Paul assaulted her, and a year and six months since she lost her uncle Brian, her only relative, in a robbery gone badly.

She swallowed hard, tapped the stack of manila folders filled with the documents she’d worked on for weeks just for this meeting today.

“Gentlemen, it brings me great pleasure to present to you today, our ideas for the launch of your new state-of-the-art restaurant franchise.” She started to hand out the folders, and the seven men watched her, nodded, and took the folders. They opened them immediately, and she saw the instant surprise and, she hoped, excitement in their eyes.

“Miss Morrison, these are quite extraordinary ideas,” Luke Phillips said. He was Renaldo Sentinel’s right-hand man, his personal assistant, and his bodyguard. Renaldo was an entrepreneur, a multimillionaire with hands in many different businesses including imports and exports. He had wanted to incorporate some specific things that portrayed his personal love, in each restaurant. It hadn’t been easy to come up with an idea that would still be appealing to the eye and not so overdone with artwork.

“Well, Mr. Phillips, Mr. Sentinel wanted to incorporate some Venetian artwork into the restaurants. There are many bold colors, very detailed images that could be used throughout the restaurants without being overpowering. These are just preliminary ideas, but I am certain we can find exactly what Mr. Sentinel is looking for,” she stated.

Renaldo Sentinel watched her intently. He was a very attractive man, with black slicked-back hair, and deep gray eyes. He was definitely an eye-catcher, and boy did he know it. In the short period of time she had known him, she had seen him with five different women. It was obvious that the bachelor was a ladies’ man.

“I’m not certain this is what Renaldo is looking for,” Luke added.

“Luke, I think that Ellie has done a wonderful job. I like the ideas, but I’m not certain on the preliminary architectural designs. Venetian art can be incorporated in numerous ways. However, I do prefer the more eye-catching images. Scenes of people in action, the gondolas, the masks and brilliant gold color. Perhaps it would serve you well, Ellie, to accompany me to Tratorra’s. This Saturday, seven o’clock good for you? I can have my driver pick you up.”