Seed Of The Dragon

By: Serena Rose

A Paranormal Dragon Shifter Romance



“You have to go,” Charlie said.

“Honestly?” I asked in a disappointed tone.

“This party will be massive and you’ll definitely be able to make some connections there!” he exclaimed, “Not to mention the famous model Ali will be there! Plus we got your perfume ad onto the slideshow that they’ll be running throughout the night, so you have to be there.”

“Fine, fine,” I said, hoping that Charlie would get off my back.

Charlie was a great agent but sometimes it felt like he works me a tad too hard, especially when it comes to social events when I’m not really at my best. Somehow socializing among high society can be really difficult, especially when a lot of them are really stupid.

This isn’t me being above high society, but just that a lot of high society didn’t learn much in school. I never finished, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t learn anything. I know the name of every muscle in the body and how to properly calculate mass. I know how the political system works and the name of every president, I know materialistic feminism, and the philosophies of the syphilis fevered Nietzsche. Somehow the conversations at these things never strike my fancy, and neither did any of the old farts at these gatherings. It was all … disappointing. I would much rather be at the gym squatting or at home researching new job openings.

Being an amateur model was hard but it was something I loved. I loved being fawned over at the makeup table, the feel of the artist stroking their brushes across my face creating something far more beautiful than I could ever accomplish on my own. I loved the way I felt under the heat of a lens, striking poses and holding facial expressions ranging from deadly to bored to affectionate. I loved the sound of my stilettos striking the ground as I make my way down the runway in something I could never wear in public.

It was a surprise for my relatives when I left school to chase my dream, but it was never because I wasn’t smart enough, after all I was in the top 15 percentile of my pre-med studies. It was more so that I was more passionate about this. About the feeling I got, the rush. I never got that while reading through a textbook about the workings of the body.

“I need a dress, though,” I reasoned with Charlie.

“Already got you one, Darling,” Charlie argued.

He was the type to be prepared for anything so I shouldn’t be surprised.

“Maybe you will meet someone exciting!” Charlie exclaimed. “You’re bound to be popular.”

I laughed. I wasn’t looking for a partner right now. I really wanted to try to live my life for me now. I wanted to be free of any commitments, at least for a little while.

“You and I both know that having a boyfriend will be bad press for me,” I said light-heartedly.

“That doesn’t mean I don’t support it!” Charlie said.

Charlie laughed and his freckled complexion crinkled with his smile. I was lucky to have him as my agent. He always had my back through thick and thin, plus he’s landed me some great deals like this recent perfume shoot.

“What happened to you and Dan anyway?” Charlie asked.

“Me and Dan… well you know that we broke up,” Charlie nodded as I spoke, “but we haven’t talked much since.”

“Good, he wasn’t worth your time,” Charlie said, ruffling his red hair.

“Here I thought you were being supportive of me in a relationship!” I joked.

We both laughed and I punched Charlie’s shoulder.

“Dan and I just weren’t in the same places in our lives…” I explained.

“How so?” Charlie questioned.

“He was on marriage and children, while I’m still on my career. I’d love to have kids and marry the guy, just not right now,” I said.

“Did he propose?!” Charlie exclaimed.

“No, no,” I shook my head, “but we had talked about it and that’s when we decided that we weren’t for one another,” I said.

Charlie nodded his head. He seemed to be thinking about something.

“Good on you for not putting away your dreams for him,” Charlie said. “That’s very commendable of you.”

“I just wish he wasn’t so sour about it,” I laughed.

Dan, my ex-boyfriend was a lovable guy but for him it was marriage or breakup, kids or bust. I couldn’t spend my life with someone who dealt in absolutes, especially when it came to my job. It felt as if he wanted me to be his trophy wife or something, like oh she was going to be a model before I made her pregnant. It was just overall a bad experience since I felt like I was being taken advantage of the entire conversation. He made it out like I was the bad guy! He practically gas-lighted me on things I’ve never said or done before, but like I said, he was lovable so it was hard to tell that he was being manipulative.