Rescued by the Sheikh(70)

By: Jennifer Lewis

“That sounds fun.” The prospect of pursuing her professional dreams with Osman at her side was almost too much to imagine. “I really do believe we’ll make it work. I’m so glad you’re okay. When I thought you might die, I…” Emotion choked her. She couldn’t imagine being without him. It scared her that someone wanted him dead. “Do you have any idea who’s trying to kill you?”

“Not yet, but we’ll get to the bottom of it. Obviously I’m not easy to kill.” A smile tugged at his mouth. “And I have no intention of dying now that I have you to share my life with.”

She felt like an idiot for fighting so hard against her feelings for Osman. She might have thrown away their whole future just because she clung to outmoded—and dull!—ideas of what her life should be. “I guess I should be thankful for those gunshots.”

“When I find the culprit who fired them, I shall…” She heard him draw in a sharp breath. “Cover him with garlands of roses!”

She chuckled. “But what happened to the horse? Was she ever found?”

Osman smiled. “At last report she was quietly eating dinner in our stables. She’s a magnificent animal. I intend for her to be your horse.”

“I can’t ride.”

“Yet. Everything is possible if you’re open to adventure.”

Sam felt a grin spread across her face. “You have a point there. And I have a plane ticket to cancel.”


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