Phantom's Destruction Or Destiny

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Power Surge: The Billionaire Club 5


Adelina Parker clutched her bag to her quivering stomach as she entered the back room of O’Connor’s Pub in Queens. She hated this place. She hated coming here to drop off money every few weeks, and she hated the way the men all watched her when she came in. A couple of times they tried to hit on her, talk her into staying for a drink, or they simply stared at her as if she were a piece of meat.

It was better that she came to pay her sister’s debt than her sister Kaitlin coming. Kaitlin would never be able to handle this. Not that Adelina was foolish enough to think that these men wouldn’t try anything. But she was way more street smart and savvy than Kaitlin. She wished her sister hadn’t borrowed the money from Mr. Margliado. But then, Bryer, Kaitlin’s son would have probably died.

“He’s waiting for you in the back. You’re looking good, Adelina. On your way to work, or are you off tonight?” Danny asked, as he licked his lips and eyed her over. She knew that she was taking a risk coming here early in the evening before work and all dressed up for The Phantom, but it was better than showing up here at four o’clock in the morning when the club closed, and when all the drunks were here at O’Connor’s.

What a front this place was. No one would ever expect a bunch of mafiosos to own an Irish bar.

“I’m on my way to work. I really need to be quick. Is Sergio back there?”

“Yeah, honey. Go right in,” Danny said. When she looked over her shoulder at the stupid men staring at her ass in the tight dress she wore, she had second thoughts about coming here like this. She just needed to get in and out. Another five thousand paid. Ten thousand more to go and their debt would be paid.

As she entered the small beat-up hallway, she heard Danny close the door. She made it to the only door down the hallway and knocked first. The sound of a man’s voice telling her to enter radiated through the wooden door. It didn’t sound like Sergio at all.

She slowly opened the door, and when the room came into view, there were five men sitting around a table. A quick scan out of habit, and she noticed the three other men, leaning against the wall suddenly stand straight and look her over.

“Ah, Adelina, so nice of you to stop by,” Sergio stated.

“Who is this lovely creature?” one of the men asked. She got such a sick feeling in her gut. God, she didn’t want to be here.

Sergio pulled her close and kissed her cheek. He had started doing that three times ago. It was unnerving and she hadn’t wanted to tell him to cool it. She feared he would add interest to the payment, or worse, take what he wanted as side credit. She swallowed hard.

“You look stunning. Are you heading to work?”

“Yes. I really need to get going. I just wanted to drop this off to you. Should we go into another room?” she asked, not feeling comfortable knowing that these men, strangers, were listening to her every word. She recognized two of them but wasn’t sure from where. Her stares caused them to wink at her, and she quickly looked back at Sergio. She didn’t want the men to think that she was interested.

“Is it another five?” he asked as he caressed her arm. She nodded her head. Sergio was about five feet seven inches tall, with dark black hair and gray eyes. He was a mean son of a bitch when someone pissed him off, and his prison tattoos on his neck could still be seen coming from the collar of his white dress shirt.


“Good. Just a little ways to go now. How’s the kid?”

“She’s got a kid? Damn, woman, there are ways you can pay off whatever debt you owe to Sergio,” one of the men stated.

“Hell, how much does she owe you, Sergio? She can pay it off right here with the eight of us,” another stated and then laughed really loudly.

Her heart nearly leaped from her chest. She looked at Sergio and he appeared as if he were contemplating it himself. He stroked a finger along her collarbone.

“She is quite beautiful. A rare find. But no can do, gentleman. Her fate lies elsewhere.” He trailed his finger along her jaw and winked.

She had no idea what he meant. Was he insinuating that after her debt was through he would want her to sleep with him? She started to panic and took a step back. Hands landed on her waist from behind and she quickly turned as she gasped. Sergio pulled her back against his chest, his big arms wrapped around her, directly under her breast line.

“Cool it, Mickey. You’re scaring her, and the boss won’t be happy.”

“I couldn’t resist. Her ass looks fantastic in that dress,” Mickey stated. She pulled from Sergio.