My Best Friends Daughter

By: Jordan Silver

Sex and Marriage My Best Friend's Daughter and Loving My Best Friend's Daughter - Jordan Silver


He had to be the hottest man to ever step foot in my little universe, six foot five of finely toned muscle topped by a head of reddish blonde hair with beautiful streaks of bronze thrown in to make it that much more irresistible. His baby blue eyes looked into me as if reading my every secret. The first time I laid eyes on him I remember the chaos that took place inside, the turmoil of a need that was bound to go unanswered; a thirst unquenched. He's a wealthy professional after all while I'd just past my eighteenth birthday not too long ago and not exactly experienced in the ways of men and women. There was no way he would ever want me when he could probably have any woman his heart desired, besides there was one major obstacle standing in our way, he was my dad's best friend.....

Chapter 1

If my dad knew I was fucking his best friend there would be hell to pay, but I just couldn't help myself, he's just so fucking hot. It didn't matter that he was older, that just made it more yum. Dad and mom had me when they were eighteen, that was eighteen years ago. Dad worked himself up through the ranks at the police station here in town, now he was the Sheriff and mom was long gone, small town life and being saddled with a brat proved to be too much for her or at least that's the story I've been told. Dad took sole responsibility for me and did a fairly good job if I do say so myself. I did well in school and never got into too much trouble beyond the usual growing pains. We were really close my dad and I that's why I felt slightly uneasy about deceiving him, but the heart wanted what it wanted and my kitty was already owned lock stock and barrel by the good doctor.

Anyway apparently dad had known Dimitri Stanton when they were kids until the other man and his family moved away when they were like ten years old.

Now he's back to take the position as chief of staff at the local hospital.

One look and my panties were wet; I'm not the sexually promiscuous or overly adventurous type so I knew there was something there when my body reacted so strongly, it took two weeks for me to wear him down; what, I should wait for him to make the first move? No thank you uh uh, if there was one thing I'd learned in my short life it was that if you wanted something you had to get it because most likely no one else was gonna get it for you and I really wanted the hot doctor.

Boy am I glad I hadn't waited, this shit is fuck hot, the things that man do to me with his tongue not to mention the flexibility and stamina he has and we haven't even gotten to the best part yet. Yes ladies the term hung like a moose comes to mind; yeah me.

Ooh my kitty is purring at me she needs a daddy fix, time to go get me some.

I got myself ready for the night to come, it was all about the presentation, I found that when I'm feeling especially slutty like now it showed in the way I dressed for him and he always seemed to know just what I wanted. If I wanted soft and gentle I went with a nice dress and flats or baby doll heels, if I wanted to play the naughty teenager then my hair was up in two ponytails and the skirt was well above my knees with knee socks and there was always a lollipop involved. Tonight's outfit said I wanted to be fucked like a woman; I didn't know much about his ex or his past relationships since he didn't divulge any information, but I knew I planned on keeping him interested for a long time to come. In fact I've made it my mission to hook him for always, you see I'd gone and fallen in love with my crush.

Derry just called to say she was headed over here, good thing I was done for the day and didn't have to do her in my office again; I think my staff was getting a little suspicious.

We've been fucking like bunnies for a good two weeks now and I don't see any let up in sight; she's a real boost to my ego after my split with a long time girlfriend who cheated on me.

According to Natalie I spent too much time at the hospital and not enough in her, truth is I had grown tired of her bitchiness and after a while the pussy just wasn't worth the aggravation.

I've had a few bouts of guilty conscience over this though, after all Derry just turned eighteen and she was also a good friend' s baby girl it wouldn't matter to Darren that she had approached me first I'm pretty sure he'd still be pissed as hell; whatever, the guilt didn't outweigh the pleasure, not even close.

She's a tiny little thing, barely five three to my six five frame, a nice round ass and beautiful tits that were always either in my hands or mouth whenever we were alone together, her wild curly jet black hair was a nice backdrop for her amazing amethyst eyes set in her alabaster skin but it was her lips that always caught me off guard. Full, luscious and so fucking hot; the way she was always biting into the right corner of the bottom one always made me want to overpower her and fuck the shit out of her no matter where we were.