Healing Their Mate

By: Bryce Evans

The Love of a Shifter Book Two


I would like to dedicate this book to my Mom, who I miss so much. The older I get the more I miss her. She would have loved this and been so proud of her daughter.

To my amazing husband and beautiful children. I love you all very much.

Next, I want to thank my sister who tells me I’m the greatest and gives me hope to continue with my passion.

I have to give a shout out to Frederique who continues to be my friend and to all my best buddies: Brandi, Layne, Jerri, KD, and all my fellow authors who have continued to give me the strength to continue.

I would like to thank Jess Buffett for creating my beautiful cover for me. She does awesome work. Thank you, Jess.

This year I had a fan of mine pass away. Carin Vines Beal was a complete stranger who was the first person to tell me that she loved my books. Carin continued to encourage me when I needed that extra push. She loved to read and talk about the stories she had read. She will be missed and will always be in my thoughts and prayers. This book is dedicated to her.

Thank you to all my fans for supporting me and giving me the push I need to prosper. I hope to continue writing and with your help get better and better.

And as always, thank you to the JK family; my Editor, Caroline Kirby; CEO and mentor, Jana Leigh.

Take care and keep reading!

Bryce Evans


River continued to fight for her life as the vampire held her down. She couldn’t compete with his strength. She could still smell his rancid breath as he leaned down, inhaling her scent. Watching as his eyes turned red, and the vampire’s fangs slowly descended from his mouth, “Oh my God, you’re really a vampire.”

She felt like she was the lead actress in a movie, but she wasn’t in a movie. No this was real life and she knew he was going to kill her. River couldn’t do anything but watch as the vampire lowered his head toward her neck. Then he disappeared from on top of her. Jacky Boy stared down at her. He had thrown the vampire against the wall. Jerking her up by the hand, Jacky Boy tried to rush with her to the door, but the vampire tackled him to the ground. Jacky Boy pushed River out of the way and took the brunt of the vampire crashing into him. River watched as Jacky Boy fought for his life.

Frantically, River turned around and around looking for some type of weapon to help get the vampire off Jacky Boy. Standing in the corner was a steel knight suit with a sword in its hand. Figures, she thought. River ran to the knight and jerked until the sword came loose out of the hand. The sword was heavy as she ran toward the fight.

Running back to help Jacky Boy, River could see that Jacky Boy wasn’t winning. Standing behind the vampire, River raised the sword like a baseball bat. She had to use two hands to swing it toward the vampire’s neck. Hoping River could follow through with it; Jacky Boy pushed the vampire up with all his strength as she swung the sword, cutting off his head. The vampire’s head rolled across the floor hitting the basement door.

River breathed in and out, gasping for air as she stared at the head. Jacky Boy tossed the vampire’s body off him. He stood up as the pounding on the door jerked his attention back to the basement door. Jacky Boy grabbed the sword, threw it to the ground, then picked up River, and carried her out of the house and into her car. River stared back at the house in shock. She had just cut a man’s head off.

“I just cut a man’s head off,” River whispered as Jacky Boy pushed River into the passenger side then got behind the wheel and speed off toward town.

“Look, River, you don’t have a lot of time to leave town before Paddock and his men come looking for you and me. Get only one bag of clothes and whatever you desperately need, then drive far away from here. Change your name but don’t stop, River. Never look back or come back to this place. There are vampires all over the United States. Get as far away from here as you can.” Jacky Boy looked over at River. She was holding her hands out in front of her staring at them.

“River? Damn it, River. Look at me,” Jacky Boy yelled. River slowly dropped her hands and looked over at Jacky Boy. “You don’t have time to worry about what just happened. He was going to kill you. You had no choice in the matter. It’s your blood. Paddock says it’s special and he has to have you. I overheard him and Rick talking about you. He planned on keeping you, River, as a pet and drinking from you every day. I heard what he said, River. I couldn’t let that happen. You are my only friend and you cared for me even when you didn’t have to. I couldn’t let him do that to you. I have seen how they treat women and what they do with them when they are done.”