Billionaire's Purchased Baby(9)

By: Sophia Lynn

"Testing, testing, can you hear me?" Tucker asked, and Jordy glanced at the window, giving him a slight nod.

Perfect. This was exactly what he had pictured when he had done his planning. Now all that was required was the girl herself, and on the stroke of three, an attractive assistant guided her into the room.

Tucker had remembered Luna being a good-looking woman in jeans and a hoodie, but now his jaw dropped.

She had exchanged the hoodie and the jeans for a dress, but what a dress it was. It was a soft lilac gray, a shade that somehow made her dark red hair glow and her green eyes look enormous and vivid. It clung to her figure, revealing a surprisingly tiny waist and wide hips that made his hands itch to grab. It gave her skin a creamy glow, and he had to shake his head to clear it of the sudden urge he had to simply walk through the door and take her in his arms again.

Then he settled back into his chair, listening carefully to the initial words that were being spoken in the room as Jordy greeted her and told her that this was standard protocol before she was given her due.

He could tell that Luna looked nervous, tugging on the sleeve of her dress, her smile a touch uncertain. There was something endearing about it that made him feel protective and predatory all at once, and he settled back in to watch her.


When Jordy greeted her and Tucker was nowhere in sight, Luna felt a rush of relief. This felt more like a normal interview, albeit still an interview for a strange job that she did not totally understand. She still felt as if there were a conversation going on over her head, as if there was some clue that she was missing, but the questions that Jordy was asking were simple enough. She had answered them before, but confirmation never hurt, and as long as they gave her the cash that they had promised at the end, it would all be worth it, no matter how many times she answered the questions about her family's history.

It was all going so well, and then, for a single strange moment, Jordy seemed almost to look through her, as if he were focusing on something that wasn't there. Before she could get too unnerved, he smiled at her again.

"Can you state whether you prefer showers or baths?" he asked, and she blinked.

There was something strange about that question, and though she studied his face cautiously, Jordy's face gave nothing away.

"Um, I guess I generally take showers in the morning, but if I had my way, I would take baths all the time."

"What do you like about them?"

"I... Baths? I like the fact that the warmth seems to really soak into you, and that it gets some of the worst parts of the day out, I guess. I like to bathe at night, if that helps."

"Of course it does," Jordy said smoothly, and then he was asking that question about her family's cancer history again, making her wonder if she had just imagined it all after all.

"Have you ever kissed another woman?"

The question made her gape, and she stared at the man. Jordy, for his part, stared back with completely blank curiosity, and she swallowed hard, narrowing her eyes.

"Can you tell me exactly how this relates to whatever it is that Forward Edge wants me to do?" she asked, and there was that strange pause again, as if he were looking not at her but through her.

"Never mind that, Miss Madrigal," Jordy said. "We are just trying to get a good baseline for your experiences, to make sure that we know what we need to know. So if you will simply answer the question?"

Luna glared at him, deciding that she did not care for him at all. There was a fluttery feeling of anxiety in her chest, but she quashed it down to stare at him as haughtily as she could.

"Well, as a matter of fact, I have never done anything... anything sexual or romantic with another woman," she said, and to her relief, Jordy simply made a tick on the paper in front of him and continued.

This time she was not lulled into a false sense of security, and when he twitched again, she knew that something was going on.

"All right, Miss Madrigal, we are almost done. Now can you describe how you pleasure yourself?"

She froze at the sheer absurdity of the question. Surely he didn't mean...

""Excuse me?" Her voice didn't feel as if it quite belonged to her. It trembled, and then on the last syllable, it hissed. She could feel the rage inside her coil up like a serpent, ready to rear back, ready to strike.

"The question is quite clear, Miss Madrigal," said Jordy, who managed to sound disapproving without creasing a single muscle on his face. "Simply explain, in as much detail as possible, how you pleasure yourself."

Luna sat in silence for a moment, and she felt as if she were frozen in time. A dozen possibilities spread out in front of her regarding how she could respond to this. She could storm out, she could burst into tears, she could simply start swearing at the top of her lungs. That all sounded very good. Then she decided that the best response was a direct one, and with a low growl, she lunged across the table.

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