Billionaire's Purchased Baby(8)

By: Sophia Lynn

Shaking her head, she walked down the street. She told herself that she didn't even care if she lost herself the thousand dollars. All that mattered was getting away from Tucker. Even as she walked, however, there was a lingering heat in her belly that made her wonder exactly how true that was.


High in his palatial corner office, Tucker remained standing where he had had been when Luna had suddenly fled. He touched his lips gently, where they still felt warm. He wasn't sure that he had ever kissed a woman like Luna before, and he wasn't sure that that was a bad thing.


The girl was like a living firecracker, but was it all an act? He had to find out. Tucker was a man who was very used to chasing his whims and his desires, but this felt like something more. No one had ever lit a fire like that inside him, but he had known some very skilled con women.

He grinned a little. Either Luna was exactly what she seemed to be, or she was a skilled little con with a delectable body that he wouldn't mind eating up. There was a hunger in him that rumbled at the thought of her wide hips, her generous figure.

Tucker thought for a moment, and then he made a call. She had made one hell of a move by running out of the office. Now the ball was solidly in his court, and he knew that his move had to be a good one.

Chapter Four

For the next two days, Luna threw herself into her work. After all, now that she had blown the opportunity with Tucker, that meant that she had to go find real work, didn't it? She canvassed at her favorite local jewelry shops, which were usually happy to send work her way, but things were apparently going through a dry spell. Two days of looking for work turned up absolutely nothing, and Luna's demons came back.

Of course she was never going to amount to anything. Of course she was never going to find herself the career that she wanted. She was going to have to go back to waiting tables, and then she would look up one day and see that all of her visions had gone dark and sad...

She woke up on day three of the job hunt to an unidentified call coming in on her cell phone.

"Hello, yes, this is Luna Madrigal," she said, trying to make sure that the excited and desperate quiver stayed out of her voice.

"Hello, Miss Madrigal," said a voice she didn't recognize. "This is Forward Edge, and we are requesting a second interview with you. Will you be available today?"

She blinked.

"I... I assumed after the way the first one went..."

"All I know, Miss Madrigal, is that you are on the chart for the second round of interviews. At the end of this interview, you will be awarded two thousand dollars for your time, no matter what the result."

"Two thousand..." she said, her mind reeling from the number. That was rent and groceries and the ability to stay afloat a little longer, to keep her dream alive just a little bit longer. What was she willing to do to make sure that happened?

"Surely that's a mistake, though?" Luna protested weakly. "I was told that it was only one thousand..."

"I am not aware of the details of the offer, I am sorry, but I do see very clearly here that you are meant to be offered two thousand dollars at the completion of the interview."

"I... I see. So when do you want to see me?"

"Are you available to come back to the office around three this afternoon?"

"Um, yes, yes, that should be fine," she said, her mind reeling a little. The person on the other end of the line thanked her for her time and ended the call, leaving Luna stunned.

She tried to stop her mind from venturing towards her first meeting with Forward Edge. She tried not to think about Tucker Keene and those dangerous amber eyes of his. She tried to focus on what an extra two thousand dollars would do, but it already felt as if her body was warming at the thought of his hands and his mouth working over hers again.

He probably wouldn't even be there, she told herself. This was probably just some kind of exit procedure before they let her go from the process. That was all it was.

Despite it all, Luna couldn't help going to her meager closet to find out what kind of outfit she could cobble together. She had shown up the first time in jeans and a hoodie. Maybe things would go a little better this time if she was dressed well...


Tucker wished that he had some popcorn. The small dark room behind the one-way mirror had a dozen seats, tiered and upholstered in red velvet. It gave the observation room the look of an old-fashioned movie theater, though Tucker certainly could not remember the last time he had ventured into a movie theater.

The shadowed glass of the window revealed the brightly lit room next door, which looked like a standard empty conference room. On the other side stood one of his staff members, Jordy, he thought. Jordy was wearing a tiny, nearly invisible earpiece, and Tucker toyed with the microphone.

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