Billionaire's Purchased Baby(7)

By: Sophia Lynn

It was perhaps the dumbest question that she could have asked, and she had a moment to see that white grin grow even wider before Tucker moved far more quickly than she thought he could. In less than a heartbeat, he had crossed the floor to where she was standing. She had just a moment to wonder what in the world he was doing and what in the world she had gotten herself into when he swept her into his arms.

Luna knew that she was no weakling, but there was no way for her to fight against his strength, the overwhelming dominance that ran through him like a vein of gold. In a moment, he had trapped her against his chest, and his mouth was slanting over hers in a kiss that left her feeling dizzy and stunned.

She was a young woman who had been navigating Chicago since she was a teen. She knew how to deal with unwanted jerks who thought they needed their hands and mouths on her. There was something drastically different about this, however. There was something about the way he brought forth a deep heat inside her, there was something about the way her body seemed to melt instinctively into his that made her pause, and in that pause, she was lost.

She could feel her hands slide up his back, clasping behind his neck and making sure that he wouldn't stop anytime soon. When his tongue probed at her lips, she cautiously opened them and was rewarded by a rush of heat when she felt his tongue caressing hers. She had never thought that she had so many nerves inside her, she had never thought that she could feel so much from one kiss. It was as if there was a deep spring inside her that had never been tapped before, and now it was spilling out heat and need and things she had no name for at all.

"Oh... oh my god," she murmured, and it was as if she had broken a spell.

He pulled away from her, and a part of her cried out that he could do it so easily. There was a gratifying moment where she realized that he looked as dazed as she did, but then he wiped it away in favor of a more neutral expression.

"Well, that was interesting," he said, and there was such a little smirk in his voice that Luna's temper, not on the best of terms that moment anyway, boiled over.

She didn't say anything, however. Instead, without making any noise at all, she stepped close to him again.

Luna knew that she had thrown him off balance. Those extraordinary amber eyes widened, and he looked like he was on the verge of stepping back before she grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him down to kiss him again. This time the spark of heat that raged between them lit up even further, and Luna could feel it flow through her, hot as swift lava.

Even if she was unskilled, her kiss brought a strong reaction out of Tucker. His arms wrapped around her as if he were never going to let her go, and she could feel the heat of his response against her body. It was as if there was a powerful fire that existed in the space between them, and that it was simply waiting for this opportunity to burn out of control.

She gasped with surprise when she felt his strong hands move to her shoulders, pressing her back against the desk. She should have felt more nervous or even afraid, but instead she exulted in his strength, pressing back against him simply to feel how powerful he was. He was so much bigger and stronger than she was that it was nearly intoxicating.

Luna was lost in a sensual haze until she felt his hand on the edge of her shirt. He slid his hand under her shirt as if it was the most natural thing in the world, brushing his fingertips over the smooth skin of her belly. She could feel fire trail after his touch, but there was something turbulent about it, something wild. No one had ever touched her with even that degree of intimacy before, and for some reason, it was terrifying. It felt as if she were getting ready to cross some sort of impassible river, and at the last minute, she couldn't do it. She was pressed against the desk being kissed by a man who definitely knew how, and suddenly, she rebelled.

Somehow, Luna was able to marshal her strength, and with a fierce shove, she pushed away his hands.


If she had stopped to listen, she would have said that his voice was soothing, but she wasn't stopping. The moment that Luna could feel his weight lift from her, she dashed for the door. She felt like a despoiled Victorian maiden running from the scene of her ravishment, as if she were spilling out of her dress, tears in her eyes.

She could hear Tucker calling to her, but she only dashed to the stairs, yanking the door open and descending as fast as she could. It wasn't until she hit the ground floor, red, panting and coughing, that she realized she wanted nothing more than to disappear, that no one had followed her.

Of course no one had followed her, she thought bitterly. He probably had women running out of his office all the time. She was just one more in what must be a very long and very amusing chain.

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