Billionaire's Purchased Baby(10)

By: Sophia Lynn

Jordy flinched back as if she was going to strike him. Given the nature of the questions that he had been asking her, that was a legitimate thing to worry about. However, though her hand darted for his head, she was not trying to slap him. Instead her fingers, trained from long hours on the jewelry bench, shot out, pincer-like, and in the space of a second, she had retrieved the item she thought she had glimpsed in his ear.

It was, as she had begun to suspect, a tiny speaker that allowed him to receive messages from someone he couldn't see. However, just because the person speaking couldn't be seen didn't mean that he couldn't see them. Her eyes shot to the one-way mirror, and with a snarl on her face, she strode to the door that led to that room.

Now Jordy was shouting after her that she was certainly not allowed in there, but she had no time to care about the fact that he seemed to have suddenly grown a personality.

Instead, Luna threw the door open, ready to give whoever was behind the glass a piece of her mind. She was so full of her own rage that she barely noticed that there was someone in front of her before she barreled straight into them. One moment, she was charging ahead full of righteous rage, and the next moment, she was running head first into a solid mass of muscle. The arms that wrapped around her felt incredibly safe and warm and familiar, but she fought against it. This was no place for things that felt safe and warm and familiar, was it?

Then Luna pulled back and gazed up into a pair of bright amber eyes and a triumphant grin that made her somehow weak at the knees.

"Well," he said, his voice soft and sleek as velvet. "I guess I've found the mother of my child."


Chapter Five

Luna rubbed her head hard as Tucker watched her. She still couldn't get over what had happened that afternoon, what was going to happen now. She could feel an ache rising up behind her eyes, as if there was a headache coming on, but she refused to look weak or frail in front of this man. Looking weak or frail in front of Tucker Keene, she decided, was decidedly a mistake.

“But why?” she asked, aware that she sounded slightly hapless. “Why do you need someone to do this at all?”

“I believe the paperwork made everything quite clear,” Tucker said with what was, for him, extreme patience. “You are going to act as a surrogate, and you will carry my child. After that child is born, you will be given your pay in exchange for relinquishing all custody of that child to me.”

“Yes, with that ugly little rider stating that if the kid's a boy, there's a bonus in it for me, right,” she said, unable to hide her distaste at the idea. “But what you haven't told me is why. Why do you need a surrogate?”

He raised an eyebrow at her. Ever since his little bombshell a few hours ago, she had gotten a very quick but very thorough education on Tucker and what he did. It was hard to understand that she was sitting across the desk from one of the most rich and powerful men in the country, but there it was. The fact that this man could buy her city block a thousand times over felt incredibly abstract to her. Instead, she concentrated on trying to understand the inch-thick wad of papers in front of her.

“You mean, why don't I adopt, why don't I simply get married and have children the old-fashioned way, why don't I do something that does not involve impregnating a surrogate in exchange for what I remind you is an obscene amount of money?”

“I know how much money this is,” Luna said, shaking her head. “Believe me, I know, and I know what a million dollars could do for me. It's just... why? Why, when there are so many other ways to get what you want?”

He stood and started to pace. She had another moment to realize how very tall he was. He looked every inch the rich and powerful man he was as he turned towards the window, looking out over the city that sprawled below.

“Because the name of the game is control, Luna,” he said, and there was a thread of iron that ran through his voice. “Because at the end of the day, in any of those other situations, someone else would have a claim to the child in question. That is abhorrent to me. What I want is to have a child that is completely mine, that I will raise and care for.”

Luna stared at his back, her head tilted to one side.

“That sounds...”


He glanced over her with a slight smirk. She could see where that smirk had gotten him just about everything that he wanted from women in the past. She could feel her own heart start to beat a little faster, and she told herself that that was foolish and dangerous to say the least.

“No,” Luna said when she knew that she could speak without her voice trembling at all. “Just lonely.”

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