Billionaire Baby Maker(35)

By: Lia Lee

Evan got up and put Evan Jr. in one of the basinets the nurses had provided for the babies.

“We’re going to be a great family, princess,” he said, kissing me. I nodded, smiling. We were doing so well now. “Which is why I want you to be a permanent part of it.”

I frowned at him. “I thought I was?”

Evan nodded. “You are, but…”

He kneeled next to the bed, and Lily and I gasped at the same time.

“When I’d started out with this idea, I didn’t want a wife. I wanted children without all the complications of falling in love, marrying, and suffering heartache again. I hadn’t bargained on you walking through that door the first day, but I’m so glad it was you. Scarlett, my princess, mother of at least seventy-five perfect of my children, will you be my queen? Will you marry me?”

I was crying again.

“Oh, my God, Evan,” I said through my tears. “Yes.”

He dug in his pocket and produced a ring. He’d planned this. I’d thought it was an impulse thing. Evan opened the box and produced a ring with a diamond bigger than anything I’d seen before. I was getting used to living a life of luxury and riches–I’d been a part of Evan’s life for a while now–but I still wasn’t used to this much money and being showered with this much love. Expensive love.

Evan took the ring out of the box and slipped it onto my finger. I held up my hand and looked at it.

Evan stood up and kissed me again.

“I want to get married to you as soon as you’re ready.”

“Just let me get rid of the baby weight,” I said, laughing and crying all at the same time.

I wanted to look the best I could if I was going to marry the man I had fallen head over heels for. I hadn’t gained too much weight to get rid of, but I was a little plumper than I’d been.

“My love, you look beautiful just a you are,” Evan said and kissed me again. He sat down on the chair he’d vacated and turned his attention back to the baby he’d put down. I looked at Lily. She sat next to me, holding the baby, beaming.

“Congratulations, Scar,” she said and leaned down to hug me. The two babies made small sounds when they were close to each other, and we both looked at them and smiled.

“I can’t believe you’re my step mom,” Lily said.

I laughed. It was weird. I was her age, and we’d been friends for almost two decades.

“A wicked stepmother,” I said with a grin. “And two very little sisters to join in on the fun.”

Lily giggled. “This is so weird.”

I nodded. “Weird, for sure,” I said. “But perfect.”

Lily smiled and agreed.

I looked at Evan again, who was cooing to the baby in the basinet. He felt my eyes on him, and when he looked up, his eyes were filled with so much love and adoration.

When we’d started out, I was broke and willing to have a baby for the sake of having money. In nine months, so much had changed. I was a loving girlfriend–no, fiancée—of one of the wealthiest men in town with three beautiful babies that I’d just given birth to. And my best friend was family now. She’d always felt like a sister to me, but now, it was even closer to reality.

It was insane how in less than a year, everything had changed. Insane and beautiful.

I looked from Lily to Evan to our three children together.

Insane and beautiful and just the beginning.


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