Billionaire Baby Maker(3)

By: Lia Lee

Evan shook his head. “Now that you’re here, would you at least like to discuss it?”

I swallowed. I wasn’t sure if I wanted my best friend’s dad to know that I was willing to consider being a surrogate mother. Carrying his child only to walk out of his life again and… then what? Lily wasn’t living at home anymore but he was still her father. How would that work? And how would I face her?

Besides, it wasn’t like I would be sleeping with him, anyway. That might have pushed me to say yes a little.

He was hot as hell, with green eyes that shot straight through me and dark hair that framed a distinguished face, but sleeping with him had only been a fantasy. A fantasy that I’d had too many times to count.

“Look, Scarlett,” he said. “I want a baby. I’ve wanted another child for a long time, you know that.” And I did, it was something Lily had been talking about for a while when we were younger. “You’ve been around. You know what my love life is like. I’m willing to offer a million to hire a surrogate mother. Will you consider it?”

My head was spinning. There were so many questions. What the hell was I supposed to say to that? It was Lily’s dad. I had grown up with him as a second father to myself; carrying his baby seemed wrong in so many ways.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I can’t do this.”

I turned around and walked to the door. When I opened it, I looked over my shoulder one more time, only to see him standing there with stormy eyes. But no, I couldn’t do this.

I left the room. How the hell did this happen? God, and what a temptation. All that money… but no. Evan Burke was easily the hottest older guy I had ever seen. He had the same eyes as Lily, but the rest of her slender build had come from her mother. Evan was a solid man who trained every day to keep in shape, and what a damn good shape that was. He wore suits that made him look even better, with broad shoulders and an attitude that told you exactly who was in charge.

In short, he was the perfect specimen for a sexual fantasy. But I wouldn’t be sleeping with him, no matter how much I would have liked to. It wasn’t the point of surrogacy and not remotely acceptable considering that he was Lily’s dad.

And I certainly couldn’t carry a child for him.

Chapter Two


I hurried after Scarlett when she left the room. My long-legged stride cut the distance between us quickly. My dress shoes made loud, echoing sound along the marble floors.

“Stop!” I called out, catching up to her when she walked through the entrance to the lobby.

“Scarlett,” I said, grabbing her wrist.

She stopped and turned to me, and I couldn’t read the expression on her face. God, she was hotter than I remembered. She’d always been a beautiful woman, but now, she was dead sexy. Her white blouse and black pants hugged her body in all the right ways, hinting at the pleasures underneath without giving everything away.

I wanted to tear those clothes off and drag my tongue over every inch of that body. Even now, when a part of me worried what she might say to Lily, I was too drawn to her beauty to give a shit.

Scarlett had dark hair and big, dark eyes that were deep enough to drown in. Her mouth looked like she was perpetually pouting, and it just begged to be kissed. I wanted to slide my cock right between those bright red lips and claim that mouth for my own.

“I understand that you don’t want to do this,” I said. “It’s a strange thing to ask, and it’s stranger still that we know each other. All I ask is that you don’t tell Lily you met me about this. I mentioned to her I want to do this but she’s not happy about it. She thinks it’s wrong to do it for the sake of having a child now, so far down the line.”

Scarlett frowned. “Doesn’t it seem wrong to keep it a secret from her? If you’re making this choice…”

I shook my head. “Lily is out of my house already, living her own life away from mine. This is something I want for me. I did right by her, making her the sole focus of my life when I’ve wanted to do this a long time ago.”

Scarlett nodded, but I still wasn’t sure if she understood what I was trying to say.

“You have my word,” she said, and I knew that I could trust her. She’d been at my house, playing with Lily, for years and years. I knew her better than I’d known any of my daughter’s other friends, although not as well as I would have liked to know her.

“Thank you,” I said.

Scarlett nodded at me, and I watched her walk away. Her hips moved from side to side as she took long strides with her slender legs. Her ass was a thing of perfection. She was drop dead gorgeous. Her white blouse had clung to her tits when she’d stood in front of me in the meeting room, unbuttoned just low enough that I had to concentrate on not letting my eyes wander when she was looking at me.

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