Alpha Bully

By: Alpha Bully

Chapter One

Marshall Briggs sat in English class waiting for the bell to ring to finally let him out for that summer. He was itching to get home and to get out of this hell-hole for the summer. If he could, he’d drop out of school altogether, but his father and alpha wouldn’t let him. His father was the alpha of the pack, and what he said was law. An education was something he demanded of all of his pack, and that included his son, his heir.

Beside him was his best friend, Jack Rowlands. They’d been best friends from birth. No one could separate them. Sometimes chicks tried, but they wouldn’t let them. If some bitch thought they could come between them, then they were mistaken.

Several of his friends were scattered around the classroom, and they were all members of the pack. This was going to be the summer where they finally completed their transition. By the time he returned to school, he’d be eighteen and a full wolf with his place within the pack.

“As this is your last class I want you all to share what you’re going to do this summer,” Miss Kingry said, talking to all the class.

Rolling his eyes, Marshall stared out of the window listening to all the people throw out shit like sunbathing and getting laid, which he liked a lot. He was going to get laid plenty this summer. There was nothing he liked better than sinking into willing pussy. He was only seventeen, but he knew how to fuck. Marshall also made sure he had safe sex with the girls that wanted him. His father had warned him to never bring home any shit like a pregnant girl. He smirked recalling the scolding that his father had given him. Marshall turned back to the class and what they had planned. The jocks were all about training and partying. The cheerleaders were pretty much fucking the jocks, and then there were the nerds with several different groups. Marshall and the rest of the pack that were in school were popular. They got what they wanted, and they didn’t take any shit for it.

“Scarlett, what about you?” Miss Kingry asked.

Now Scarlett, she was different from everyone in the class. She wasn’t part of any group, popular or nerd. In fact, he’d only ever seen her on her own, but then, no one would want to hang around with her.

Before she got a chance to talk others started to fire words out for her.


“Eating everything.”

“Piggy, oink, oink.”

Marshall laughed as he stared at the girl the comments were directed at. She was chunky, not overly obese, but bigger than a lot of the girls in school. She had large tits, and even though he’d never admit it, he had always responded to her, which astounded him. He wouldn’t tell Jake or anyone that he responded to the chunky girl as he didn’t understand it himself. Everything else in life he understood and yet Scarlett confused him. She made him feel shit, but he always forced that shit away, and bullied her like everyone else did. It always amazed him, so he’d gladly take on every single guy in the school than spend a moment talking to Scarlett. Jake threw a piece of paper at her head when Miss Kingry scolded everyone for talking and saying shit.

Fisting his hand, Marshall forced himself to calm down. He wanted to hurt Jake for doing what he did, but he stopped himself. This wasn’t normal. Scarlett was fat, pretty but fat, and he didn’t want fat girls.

Scarlett’s face was as red as her name.

He couldn’t help but laugh as other people made fun. Forcing all of his feelings aside, he was able to focus on everything else about her. She was dressed in tight blue jeans and a long black shirt that fell to her knees.

In all of his years going to school, Marshall couldn’t recall her wearing anything other than baggy clothes that were clearly too big on her.

“I said enough or you will all be in detention,” Miss Kingry said. “Now, Scarlett, what are you doing?”

“Nothing.” Her voice was so small. She’d sunk so far down into her chair that it was hard to actually hear her response. Marshall began tapping his foot wishing he knew what was going on.

Jake nudged him and whispered. “Are you okay, man?”

“Yeah, fine. Just want out of this place.” In this last year things had changed with Scarlett. Before this year he could bully her along with the rest of their peers without feeling anything. All of that had changed when he’d seen her for the first time that semester nearly a year ago.